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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Galleries and Articles - Old & New

Hi all,

I was asked a few weeks ago for some information regarding my Epic Logan Grimnar conversions. This prompted me to dig out the old articles along with a load of other painting guides I wrote way back & I've now edited the first of them for addition tot he HobbyBrush archives.

I've also added a couple of new galleries whilst I was here :)

Whats New:
Epic Logan Grimnar Mk1 gallery - 13 pictures
Making Epic Logan Grimnar Mk1 - article
15mm Fantasy Human Gallery 1 - 17 pictures
28mm Cave Men Gallery - 13 Pictures

Picture count - 43!

Of the latest Gaming..

Not much ahs been being painted lately. My girlfriend's moved into my flat with me & whilst I'm very happy with her here, it has (temporarily, honest!) slowed my brushwork a little!

I have however had a few more games of Seeds of War, continuing to trial different ideas for the Buildings rules to tweak them a little more. They're currently seeming quite good, we just need to make the right decisions as to which buildings are which at the start of our games, and I'm in the process of writing up a siege list for the Pax to give their arty some clout in Urban areas, which it currently is oddly lacking.

Of Blitzkreig commander...

I've finally got myself an opponent for 6mm WWII, so the long languishing project is seeing some real advances at last!

We played our first game of BKCII ten days ago and I was reminded of just how much I like the warmaster C&C mechanics.

The Soviets are on the move, and I've spent a good deal of time researching the 3rd Guard Tank army's TO&E for July '44. Having done the 3rd Guard tank army for my Mid-war (14th July '43 - Kursk, I've gone exactly one year on!) flames of war forces years ago, its been interesting to see how the force changed and developed in just a short period.

Before you wonder, I certainly dont intend to collect the whole lot, but you can expect project updates soon!