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The website itself is the archive of my painting through the last decade or more, with easy navigation around what now amounts to over 3000 images of wargames figures & display miniatures.

It is also the repository for my musings, workbench notes and reports on all things gaming and miniature painting that I get up to.

I've been collecting miniatures for 24 years and have covered most scales, periods and styles in that time. Don't expect consistency on one project here - there will be variety in project, but hopefully consistently high standards!

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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Experimenting with Facebook....

I've been asked why I dont set up a HobbyBrush page on FaceBook many times in the past couple of years. Apparently it'll help interact with my audience... I didn't know I had an "Audience"!?!

Well, whilst I obviously do all this purely for selfish reasons, I thought I'd try listening for once and have set up a FB page for the HobbyBrush. It might last one brief month, or it might become the definitive place to find your Hobby Fix..... time shall tell!

Drop us a "like" if you want it to stay, or we'll revert back to good old word of mouth as has served me so well for the previous 14years of being online ;op

Its big, historical, and totally "not my thing"... until now...

Just a little one after the excesses of last week, but its from my own brush, and what's more, its new!!

I will add a gallery of other models from the show next week, so I'll leave the intros to what's written in this gallery, but I present for your review, a 15th Century German Crossbowman, in 54mm... not my usual fare, but a pleasure to paint!

New Galleries: 1
New Images: 6

Sunday, 18 March 2012

I got Washed Away!

Guildford Games Club - your Galleries are here, and they're awesome - thank you!

The flooding yesterday took even myself by surprise! That or I watched a lot of Rugby... No, no, the numbers of pictures speak for themselves! Guildford Games club is on fine form, providing you plenty of viewing pleasures at your finger tips!

First up, the return of a now regular name to the Hobbybrush. Alex Foyster is back for his third Guest Gallery. This time 40K if is focus, and its his latest project. An Absolutely gorgeous Eldar Army. Check it out NOW! (9 images)
Rumour has it he's painted more since this gallery was first created, so you can expect more soon!

Secondly, and Thirdly, we stick with 40K but move on to a Space marine Double. The admirable skills of Justin Carnzu on his Blood Angels and Simon Richmond with his Space Wolves grace our tables regularly and often grab my eyes. It is here that the flood barriers gave way. Treat yourself to a whopping 46 images of red death, followed by 24 images of Grey wolf terror.

Finally for today, I thought I'd best include something which has sprung off my own brush for a change, but alas its still come from days gone by rather than more recent times. Of course, what we're missing is something in small scale, so the DRM Studio Skyth Gallery is long overdue a spot on the Hobbybrush and finally arrives today! (29 images)

New galleries: 4
New Pictures: 108

Thursday, 15 March 2012

flooding expected in 2 days...

The Showers are getting slightly heavier. Better start filling the sand bags...

Today I have a gallery from one of the best painters at the GGC for you - Warhammer High Elves from Jamie, the local master of brush control.

New Galleries: 1
New Pictures: 15

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

flooding expected in 3 days...

And the first real shower is upon us.

I uploaded the first gallery on Monday evening, but other things overtook me and I didn't get to tell you all!

SO. Without further delay, Mark Shaw's back with a second Warhammer army - The Empire. (15 pictures)

But that was really Mondays update, and todays wednesday, so I'd best get my acto together... Time to roll out another old epic commission! The Green Guard gallery I think - Until next time! (18 pictures)

That picture? I dont know.... must be a preview of something different to come..... ;)

New Galleries: 2
New Pictures: 33

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Flooding expected in 6 days...

It's been a while!
I've still got a lot going on preventing me from painting much.
But I dont have to find time for painting to give you kind viewers updates and thanks to the guys at the Guildford Games club, there are Guest galleries a plenty just around the corner.

There will be light rain building up to heavier showers and downpour in the coming days with severe flooding is expected to being in 6 days.....

So, you have been warned - now you just have to choose whether to buy a boat or sit back, check back at the Hobbybrush regularly, and enjoy the great painting of many other superb painters!

To prove I mean what I say, have a small gallery taster - Alex Foyster is back with his second of 3 Guest Galleries - His small but perfectly formed Lord of the Rings Harad Force. Enjoy!

New Galleries: 1
New Pictures: 4

THe first drops are falling...