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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Finally getting around to Photographs.....

People often think if I'm not updating the site, I'm not painting, but this is often as far from the truth as you can be, since I'm simply too busy with the brushes to get around to photography and updates. This has certainly been the case in recent months. I'm happy to say however, from the websites point of view at least that I've had a couple of quieter days and have finally taken some new pictures suitable for upload to the main site's galleries!

First up, and old piece that has been dodging the lens for far too long. I Painted this as part of a job application to Mantic games a few years back. Obviously, it didn't come to anything, but I enjoyed the process painted some cool stuff. The Warpath Enforcer Captain is the first of these to make it onto the site (9 Pictures)

Something more recent, to prove my first statement - An early World War II Polish army in 28mm I painted for use in Bolt action. Miniatures from Warlord games, Meant to be selling this force, but I'm quickly falling for it myself.... Anybody want to buy it quick before I decide I've found an excuse to keep it! (20 Pictures)

And Finally, After years of not finding either the space or the time, I've taken a few photos of the massed ranks of my own Kraytonian Army, which can be seen in the 6mm Seeds of War section (Sci-Fi). More detail pics from these ranks will be coming soon too, but time has cut me short for this update. (3 pictures)

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New Pictures: 32