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I've been collecting miniatures for 24 years and have covered most scales, periods and styles in that time. Don't expect consistency on one project here - there will be variety in project, but hopefully consistently high standards!

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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Galleries expanding...

As we head towards salute here in the UK, I've been waving brushes wildly getting ready for the bring & buy, ready to offload someof the excess' I have hanging around.

That said, I've not been getting much in front of the camera, sos for the moment, I'm afraid its the posting of some galleries from my vintage collections which will have to suffice..

Lord of the Rings "Other Characters" Gallery added ( 19 pictures)
40K Miscellaneous Gallery added (23 pictures)

And, for something COMPLETELY different, but which I've never shown online before... a shepherd's hut Gallery! (7 pictures)

Gallery Count: 3
Picture Count: 49