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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Random paint - mordheim Witch hunters

The title says it all - for no reason whatsoever, I've painted a mordheim witch hunters mob. I've had the models since the days I used to paint for the GW Fanatic / specialist games studio, so over 10 years, and it was about time they got some paint!

Fun to work on, but they'll be up on eBay soon as I have no use for them. Have to get proper photos before then, but for now, I'm afraid all I can provide is dodgey lighting and ipad shots.... 

Drop me a line if you're on in market for these kinds of figures!

Oh, and of course, I hope you all are having a great festive season - Cheers for dropping by my little corner of the web at this busy time! 

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Project Kursk : the objectives

Well, the big game may have come and gone, but there's still some things I didn't get to show you in the run up, and some details to be added to a lot of models before I declare them 100% 'done' so you can expect the title to continue to crop up! 

In this post, it's the objectives from the game. They were rushed out to be ready for the day, but served us well - nothing like the site of some hardy soviets cooking up a brew whilst 100 tanks fight around them ( indeed, fight for the rightm to control the very field kitchen they're brewing on! ) .

Ok, so they might not make 'sense' as objectives in all instances, but they're a good excuse to put together and indeed use some more characterful pieces. 

Baggage cart, field kitchen and baggage from baker company's winter war kickstarter:

Tank crews from the same winter war kickstarter: 

And, finally, a selection of casualty bases using black tree designs' soviet casualty figures:

More soon, and variety will start once again as the festive season sees me without a specific project, so time to catch up on things, start new things I'll never finish, and enjoy painting some random bits! 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Project Kursk: the big game been and gone!

Well, the big day happened. 
Over 120 28mm vehicles involved in one massive game. 
7 players. 
Great fun was had! 

My early war flank got it's arse handed to it on a plate by Mad Bob Emmerson's Hungarians, which he'd bought with him all the way from Poole just for the game. 

As the collections went through mid war and well into late at the far end of our 24x4ft setup, our komrades fared a lot better, taking on the might of the nazi war machine and besting it despite massive losses! 

A soviet victory! 


Monday, 8 December 2014

Project Kursk: less than a week to go!

With less than a week to go, it's time to do an overview of where my element stand for the big game on the 14th. 

There is no historical background, so any vehicle platoon is in- hence the mix of early through to late war equipment. 

T34 company one - 10 T34/85s and backup from 3 T34/76s

Company 2 -10 T34/85s in winter white wash. Hidden amongst their ranks are three OT34 flame tanks too, which should be a nice surprise for toasting some foes! 

Recon elements - 1 BA64 and one BA10m from warlord, and two ba6s from baker company. 

Tank hunters and assault guns - one each of Su76,  Su85,  Su100, Su122, ISU122 and ISU152. All warlord resins. 

Heavy tanks - wish there were more of these for the big game as re going to be meeting a hell of a lot of big cats on the opposing side! 
Two Kv1, two Kv2, Kv8 and IS2

Light tanks. Complete opposite to the above, these guys aren't going to be much use in the big game, but they're mobile cover for the flame tanks is the plan! The T70 is from black tree (horrible kit...I love their infantry but won't touch the tanks again! ) and the rest are all from baker co. Who still owe me a few vehicles yet to come ;) 

Transports- the trucks are from baker co and I'm currently missing the axels and wheels ( in soviet Russia, the men carry the trucks....) and the rest are from warlords plastics range, with heads added from the baker co winter war range. 

And finally there's the Hollywood flank, whisper has had some if it's weathering added but there is just a little more work to do. It's never a finished task!


 Then there's the objectives, artillery and the odd infantry element to think about... But they may have to wait for another event as I don't think I'll get any more done before the 14th. This will be enough to keep me going for my evenings this week getting these all weathered and finalised ready for the day. 

Wish me luck!