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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Random paint - mordheim Witch hunters

The title says it all - for no reason whatsoever, I've painted a mordheim witch hunters mob. I've had the models since the days I used to paint for the GW Fanatic / specialist games studio, so over 10 years, and it was about time they got some paint!

Fun to work on, but they'll be up on eBay soon as I have no use for them. Have to get proper photos before then, but for now, I'm afraid all I can provide is dodgey lighting and ipad shots.... 

Drop me a line if you're on in market for these kinds of figures!

Oh, and of course, I hope you all are having a great festive season - Cheers for dropping by my little corner of the web at this busy time! 

1 comment:

  1. :) Reminds me of the fact I still have some skaven and undead for Mordheim, which are still waiting to get painted.
    We don't play Mordheim anymore, but the game was good fun. I'm looking forward to the computer game.
    Great paintjob by the way!