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Friday, 2 January 2015

New Pics, For sale, and new random paint.

well, what do you know - I actually got a few models in front of decent lighting and a proper camera, we have an actual HobbyBrush update!

Not many, granted, but its a token start ;op

First up, a few more pics added to the 28mm Soviet WWII gallery. This whole section is going to need a complete reorganise soon when I add all the new bits to it, but these first ones are all for sale so got priority for good pics. IS2, SU76, T70, and a T34/85 in summer green. (9 pictures)

 The Classic Metal Cadian Squad I painted a few weeks back are going up on ebay, so they qualified for a photoshoot too - new pics in the 40K misc section (2 pictures)

A few upgraded pics added to the Warmaster Misc section - High Elf and Wood Elf Lords and Brettonian king - all painted years ago! (7 Pictures) 

The Witch Hunters Mordheim Mob uploaded to the blog earlier this week get their own gallery (11 Pictures)

New Figure alert! Completely random quick paint job on a classic old citadel foot knight. Added to the Warhammer Misc Gallery and on bay soon (2 pictures) 

And finally, there's this guy. Another random and very quick paintjob on one of the hundreds of figures I received in the Reaper Bones Kickstarter deal. Really cant decide how he should be based, and dot think I'll get back to him anytime soon, so here he is now on the Blog - welcome the ever honorable (?) Bar Tender!

New Galleries: 1
New Pictures: 31

Its a long time since I've typed that..... Happy New Year and Happy Viewing!

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