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The website itself is the archive of my painting through the last decade or more, with easy navigation around what now amounts to over 3000 images of wargames figures & display miniatures.

It is also the repository for my musings, workbench notes and reports on all things gaming and miniature painting that I get up to.

I've been collecting miniatures for 24 years and have covered most scales, periods and styles in that time. Don't expect consistency on one project here - there will be variety in project, but hopefully consistently high standards!

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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Before I disappear....

I'm off on a course this week, and on a rare holiday next week, so Updates may be slow. I've not been away from work for more than 5 days in about 8 years, so I'm very much looking forward to the break but it does mean that updates will be slow once again but I have some great galleries both right now for you and waiting in the wings for my return, so fear not!

Of Gaming...

I love my Kazak Medic! That pretty much sums up my gaming from last monday. We played a Doubles game of infinity, with Myself and Eddie (as the two Ariadna commanders) taking on the abominable alliance of James and Dan.

The First turn was looking pretty dire as 3 of Eddies newly painted beauties fell in the first couple of activations, and our forces were forced to hit the ground all across the board. By sheer luck, this also took out Eddies Lieutenant, so things were really looking Grim and we'd not even activated yet!

The next three turns came down to a bitter struggle trying to clear a route for my medic to make a Dash to our fallen comrades and apply some aid. Finally the way was clear enough for me to take the chance, and dancing through a hail of bullets he reached the line of 3 stricken bodies. Not only that, but he managed to revive two of the three and just in time too. In the following activation, the enemy took out another of Eddies troops which would otherwise have forced him into retreat.

With our line balanced once more, Eddie did a fine job of taking his revenge, whilst I mainly rolled terrible dice and missed with a million Missile shots. The final outcome - Victory to Ariadna, and it was all thanks to my Medic and Eddies shooting!

Of Painting...

I had a great weekend in London last weekend and followed it with a day at Twickers watching Rugby yesterday (crap game, great day..) and a day with Kim today. So yes, I'm still working on the second Regiment of Legionaries. With the Holiday and Course in the next fortnight, my plans for my painting schedule are already looking dodgey... :os

But, lets not dwell on the possible doom ahead and instead enjoy the labours of weeks past. I've updated the 28mm Roman Gallery with pictures of the now completed Archers regiment, the first regiment of Auxillaries and the First Regiment of Veteran Legionaires. (11 pictures)

It's at this point that I should probably point something out. Because I am not painting these Romans for anything in particular, I am using them to try out a few different things. So you will notice that there will be a variety of basing between regiments, and most of the regiments will have one element or another painted in a different style. This includes trying washes and "Dips" that have sat on my shelves unused for years. Hopefully the results will still look relatively cohesive as a final complete army, but if it doesn't it's not too much bother!

I have also uploaded another Guest Gallery. I had one planned, but I'm still waiting for an email with some background info (HINT HINT JAMES!!!). So in the mean time I'm afraid you'll just have to make do* with Rhys Knight's Ad-Mech Army for 40K. (39 pictures)

New Galleries: 1
New Pictures: 50

*When I say "Make do", I mean please cover your keyboards with a drool-proof sheet as these things are gorgeous... ;)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


What's this? A mid-week update? Bet that caught you un-awares!

Truth is, I'm away at the weekend and might miss the next update so a mid-week workbench post seems ot be in order.

Of Painting....
I'm still yet to get the first regiment of Roman Legionaires finished, or either the Auxillaries or second hlaf of the archers photographed, but I remembered I had some WIP photos I never posted, so here they are as proof that they at least got this far (and honest, they have been finished!

Beyond them, I've started eyeing up the next little project. I only have the Romans because I bought a huge stockpile of DRM figures when Ian closed down his games store, the HobbyBox. This stuff has been sitting around for a fair while now without being touched and its time I changed this. What's more, its time I really knocked some stuff out fast and I know I can do this with DRM's 6mm sci fi range, having painted thousands of them already!

Here's the latest round of reinforcements having been cleaned and prepped for undercoat.

Yes, thats a re-inforcement for my Kraytonians. There's a mix of 42 vehicles & aircraft (6 aircraft require converting & aren't in this shot) and 85 stands of infantry or cavalry. I also have 11 Super Heavy Flyers, but they're not getting a look in yet.

Basically the plan is to get the Romans and these all done for Christmas. Then move on to more detailed painting of Fubarnii for World of Twighlight and Ariadna for Infinity. In the mean time I've also been challenged (by my girlfriend no less... I dont think she likes seeing me..) to enter a coupld of painting competitions, so we'll see if the plan holds up at all!

Of Gaming...
Just got time for a quick gaming update as well. Played Infinity against Eddie for the second time last Monday. Far more knowledge of the scenery requirements was a great help and Eddie had set up an interesting board for us to fight across by the time I got to the club.

I made a fair few mistakes and Eddie was on the game, with his Autocannon managing to pin down not one but two main routes of advance with some very good manouvering fire throughout the game. In short, I lost hideously but had a great time doing so - Cheers Eddie! More next week!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Old boards and Guest Galleries

It's going to be the story of the next few weeks I'm afraid - I've got a lot on, so it'll only be quick updates from me squeezed in where I can.

The good news is that we have some truly beautiful Guest Galleries Lined up ready to fill the gap!

This week, Guildford Games Clubs esteemed chairman, Eddie Turner, gets his first airing on the web, with his Guest Gallery of "Not" Blood Angels for 40K (9 pictures).

From me there's something slightly different. Its a photographic project log, split over two years, of building and then expanding the Terrain Boards for the Seeds of War Demo Games, as seen at many a show across the UK! (54 pictures).

Galleries: 2
Pictures: 63

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Just a little one..

Just a little one today as I'm all over the place this weekend, but am determined to keep the updates flowing!

Of Gaming...
I Played Infinity last Monday against Eddie Turner. A finer hobbyist is hard to find, but for knowledge of Infinity we were both rather lacking - it being his second game and only the third of my own. We were both playing Ariadna however, which did help limit the special abilities a little.

He was plagued by some bad luck ("Lucky" hi sniper fell off a roof as his very first activation...) and fell foul to both our naivities when it came to terrain layout. A shooting duel erupted down one very long corridoor beween my Line Kazak with Missile Launcher (Hereafter known as "Bugs") and his Tank hunter with Autocannon (hereafter known as Elmer (Fudd) ). His autocannon came off the worse for ware, and it continued from there. I got caught in a fearful crossfire at one stage, which saw the temporary demise of "Bugs", but it all swung my way when a lucky shot took out his lieutenant, and then a mad rampage by my one painted model - the Chasseur, got lucky the following turn and took out his newly appointed replacement lieutenant!

At the end of the game, I'd lost Bugs, He'd lost over half his force, but we were both smiling so a success all round! Mores the point - rematch on Monday!

Of Painting:
There's not been much of this, but there's been loads of prepping going on for the next few "jobs". One regiment of Legionaires is ready for paint, another are cleanded & ready for assembly. I've also started to look ahead to the next project, but more on that next week!

The only painting I've completed is the 8 Auxillary Archers mentioned last update.

So, on the matter of Updates, what's new?

I've uploaded a new DRM gallery - "The 5th Race". Its all pre-release models from years back. Will they see production? Your guess is as good as mine, but they're pretty none the less! (25 Pictures)
And the second And Third Guest Galleries from my recent photoshoot at the Guildford Games Club are both up. Dan and Marks' forces were two of the main influences in me deciding to do the guest Galleries in the first place, so it seems right they should be among the first online! Small, but perfectly formed, I present the Warmachine Cryx force of Dan Gardiner (4 pictures), and the Warhammer Chaos Force of Mark Shaw (9 pictures).

New Galleries: 3
New Pictures: 38

And an update on the Pledge!
I've not bought anything new at all this month, so its looking good! Unless you count transfers, in which case you can... umm... well, get a life really ;op
The Pledge:
Models Bought: 37
Models Painted: 101
Months into the Pledge: 6

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Making up for lost time...

Of Gaming...

This'll be quick - in the last two weeks, I've not done ANY! I messed up my scheduling and didn't get a game two weeks ago, and last week I spent my usual Gaming night at Guildford Games Club on Monday taking photos of other gamer's armies. so nothing to report exceopt...

Of Guildford Games Clubber's Guest Galleries... (try saying that 3 times fast...)

As noted, last Monday I took my camera, light and a fair bit of backing paper down to the Guildford Games Club to take some photos of the other gamer's armies. There's some impressive collections down there, and some great painters too so I though it was about time they got shared with the world!

In the coming weeks & months, I will be including galleries marked "[Guest Gallery]" to many of the different sections of the site including warhammer, 40K, warmachine, Infinity, Seeds of War, 6mm WWII and epic among many others. These are galleries for true gamers armies and whilst I havent uploaded the majority of them yet, I love them already!

The First for your consumption was chosen purely because he's the only one who provided me any details of his forces whilst I was photographing them. Introducing the first of 3 Guest Galleries to come from the talented hands of Alex Foyster - His Warhammer High Elves (19 pictures)

Of painting and updates...

Similar to the Gaming, much of my hobby time this week has been taken up editing the photos I've taken and preparing them for inclusion on the site. Combine that with two good weekends spent with my Girlfriend and a couple of good nights out with my mates and painting time has been.. no wait... I'm not sure how I've managed this....
I've now finished my First 8 Auxillery Archers for my 28mm Romans and my first 24 Auxillary spearmen too (much thanks to LBMS transfers and great service from Maelstrom games on the latter). I've also prepped the next regiment, and am 1/3 of the way through my second 8 Auxillary archers. Oh, and I've painted half a regiment of Skeletons from mantic games too. Its been a GREAT fortnight - if only this could happen all the time!

So, updates:
As promised - The handgunners are online in the WHFB Empire 2 gallery (4 pictures)
The First Unit of Auxillary Archers made it in fron of the camera and into the 28mm Roman Gallery (2 pictures)
I've finally photographed my meager and random Pax Arcadian Units for the Seeds of War section (32 pictures)

And, last but not least, beacuse I made you all wait two weeks for an update, I've uploaded one of my own favourite galleries from my old commissions. The Witchhunters gallery was a group of commissions painted over a long period for a repeat customer of mine - the same guy who I did all the Dark Angels for. There's some of my favourite work in there, so please check it out and I hope you enjoy it! (71 pictures)

New Galleries - 3
New Pictures - 129 (!! dont expect me to keep that up ;) )

*** Stop Press *** ***Stop Press *** ***Stop Press *** ***Stop Press *** ***Stop Press ***

I just realised that after this update, I will be achingly close to passing 2500 images on this site, so sod it, have another gallery for free, and since its me, it might as well be an Epic one!

Introducing the Legio Ignatum. My Current Titan Legion. Spawned after Painting the Studio Warhound model for the Epic: Armageddon Book, its a bit of a slow - grower, but it will expand one day... (20 pictures)

New Totals:
Galleries - 4
New Pictures - 149 (Really, dont expect that again for a LONG time!)

Total Picturs now on Site - 2504! Thank you for watching it grow! :)

Sunday, 23 October 2011


But only a minor one - its sunday, the weekend has passed & I've not got an update online!

I'm afraid a great weekend away with my Girlfriend took priority over the toys this week. I'll try to get something up during the week and back on track next weekend, but no promises - there's a busy month ahead.

The Good news...

The good news is that as of tomorrow, I should have many more Guest galleries at least ready to be edited - I'm taking my lights and camera down to Guildford Games Club where the good fellows have agreed to let me snap a few shots of their armies for guest galleries on this fair site.

Now, it might take me a while to edit & compile it all, but there's some great armies down there (proper Gamer's one's too... not just Pretty things that live in cabinets!) which I'm looking forward to being able to showcase here.

So there's good times ahead, even if good times at the weekend do slow the site's progress just a little - keep your eyes peeled throughout the week as i will endevour to play catchup ;)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

A tale of old and new

Of Gaming...
Monday night was another good one at the Guildford Games Club. Having watched a number of encounters, and bought my own squad, I finally played my first two games of Infinity Last Monday.

I do like the rules set. The way you have to think ahead to cover all angles and possibilities (such as enemy Paras ona first "intro" game! Grrr... ) really appeals to me. I really think it could be fun with two teams of Ariadna with basic rifles duking it out, but for the while I'll enjoy my plethora of special weapons none the less!!

First game I lost, to aforementioned Para. Though I would like it noted that that only occurred after my opponent stated where he was dropping, and wanting to learn the intricacies a little better, I asked "So Why didn't you choose to drop him here and do this?". To which my opponent replied "...ohh.. that's not a bad idea..." and proceeded to kill 4 ofmy team in a single turn.

Second game I was more ready for it and new more what my troops were capable of. I set up a good defensive position and waited for the right moment. When the time was right, and the passage of travel clear, my Rocket launcher exposed her position and took down the enemy medic. Now the game was on - my Ant-Tank trooper dashed from cover, got a good shot off on the enemy ORC suit with his Adhesive launcher and followed it up with a Demo charge to knock him out. His final action moved him back around a large pile of pipes, to a rather exposed position, but one which was well covered by fire from the rest of my squad. The enemy were walking into a hailstorm if they went for retribution.
The following turn the AT trooper worked back around the pipes and took out the enemy medic, and had a good try on the enemy lieutenant too. unfortunately his luck had run out, and he was subsequently taken out by the nefarious enemy para, who this time had to drop behind his own lines to shore them up. That didn't last long however as he in turn left himself open to a shot from my Kazak Veteran, and the game was called as he hit the floor.

Thanks James - Great Games!

Of Painting...

This week I've finished off another unit which has been on the workbench for an obsene amount of time. Literally years! So, FINALLY, 10 sad little classic empire handgunners are dust-free, fully painted and in the cabinet - photos next week!

In the mean time I have two galleries of the very old, and one of the very new for you in this update!

For starters, we have "Epic, The Early days" - a gallery of some of my earliest forrays into converting epic miniatures and some not-so-hot paintjobs to keep you entertained. (22 pictures)

Secondly, we go up to 10mm scale, with the eventual arrival of the inevitable Warmaster Miscellaneous Gallery. Most of these figures were painted as random painting fun when the models were new, but there's a fair variety in there from many different races! (29 pictures)

And last but not least, we jump further up the scale chart and to something brand new. It may only be a tiny one, but I open the 28mm Roman Gallery with my first completed regiment - Warlord Games Slingers. Soon to be followed by many more I hope :) (3 pictures)

As ever - thanks for looking!

New Galleries - 3
New images - 54

Saturday, 8 October 2011

A 6mm special...

Of Gaming:
Had a great game of BKC last week. We played a mid-war Breakout with my soviets battling to escape from the surrounding Germans of Matt Arnold. Neither of us Have played in ages & it was like starting from scratch, but a re-match is booked for 10days time with the same forces, so hopefully a better grip will be achieved on the rules and a fuller game completed for once! Matt suffered terribly from a lack of command roles and a large portion of his forces failing to make it to the tray until well into the game. I suffered from my own command decisions - trying to use my own armour to see off the germ Stugs, when I should have up-tailed and run away from them to escape the board. Lessons learned - may the re-match see the real winners!

Of painting & Updates:
The Slingers I mentioned last week will be photographed sometime this weekend, but not in time for this update I'm afraid. So, tts more of the old-skool today, as I continue to update my photo collection and add some more of the older models to the galleries.

With regards painting this week, nothing yet, but give me a chance - the weekend lies ahead of this update!

First up we have my original Epic Tau units and display base from 200... 2000 and ... umm - a way back! It was before the epic Tau's general release by Forgeworld, at any rate! More were later painted to match on commission, but these were the originals :) (23 Pictures)
Secondly, we move up the scales to 28mm, and classic Necromunda figures - my Orlock Gang has been added to the 40K section. Usual story with these I'm afraid - painted, rarely used, and eventually sold, but much enjoyed none-the-less! (20 pictures)

And finally, a small but perfectly formed gallery featuring some 6mm Franco-Prussian War miniatures I painted up for Baccus Figures has been added to the recently re-named Horse & Musket section (was the napolionics section...) . Superb 6mm sculpts, even if you're not a fan of the era - maybe worth taking a look! (8 pictures)

New Galleries Added: 3
New Pictures Added: 51

Saturday, 1 October 2011

And then it went quiet....

No sooner had I passed 100 galleries, than my BlogFeed decided to go Belly up and I could no longer post (readable) updates on my News Blog!

Big Thanks to Rich Mayhew who's fixed it all for me - Beers are on the way!

In the mean time, what have I been doing?

Pledge Updates:

Selling stuff! I've certainly kept up that end of the pledge, having sold a couple of thousand (!) Pounds worth of painted toy soldiers int he past couple of months. All my Warmachine, Hordes, 3 15mm armies, half my 6mm soviets and loads more besides have now made their way all over the world - I hope they're enjoyed in their new homes!

The good side to this is that My funds are looking slightly more healthy. The slightly bad side is that most of the time I've had for hobby has been spent wrapping models up and my painting's not been too fast.

Buying Stuff! I've been talked into (didn't take much) taking up Infinity. I needed to start a game which is played by more people at my club, as I tend to skirt around the edges playing 6mm games now & then, but nothingn regular. Infinity is now that game and I've bought an Ariadna force, for about £60 spend so far - first painted miniature is now up!

Damn, I already mentioned that my first Ariadna miniature is done... that's gone and taken the wind out my own sails. Oh well - find him in the brand new Ariadna section here of 28mm sci-fi mics! (4 pictures)

The EA Necron Gallery has gone Live once more. It was one of the first to be put on the new site, but was taken down again after many delays from obtaining the miniatures to ailing funds. However, the commission is finally complete & the gallery online! (37 Pictures)

I've also painted 16 28mm Roman Auxillery Slingers, but I'm yet to get them in front of the camera - another update soon! :oS

Gallery count: 2
Picture count: 41
The Pledge:
Models Bought: 37
Models Painted: 51
Months into the Pledge: 5

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Well, that slipped by quietly....

I made it beyond 100 galleries.... that's one HUNDRED galleries of images!!!

And apparently I didn't shout about it enough.

So here it is - WOOHOO! YIPPEE! YEAH!.

Ahem. Joking aside, it is quite a milestone for the HobbyBrush, and I had been holding back a couple of my favourite galleries from years gone by to mark the occasion, but time did not allow with the last update.

TO make things right once more, may I present to you....

Painting Death Korps of Kreig - Epic (6mm) painting article.
Warmaster Brettonnians 2 - one of my "Signature" commissions from my time as the mercenary Brush, a super-detailed Bretonnian army in 10mm scale for Warmaster. (41 pictures)
The Epic Misc Gallery - Maybe not one defined theme, but a lot of the models which got my name out there in the 6mm world are in this gallery, from titans to Inquisitors :) (52 Pictures)
And a smaller, less iconic gallery to round us out with some 28mm stuff - my third Old west gallery ( 10 pictures)

Finally, a Quick reminder that I have loads of stuff listed on Ebay right now, ending in the next day or so - check out all my items here

Thanks for looking!

Gallery count: 3
Picture count: 103 (Plus an articles!)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Its Sale Time!

This time usually comes around regularly here at Hobby Brush HQ, but hasn't done so for a while. Well, with a free-listings weekend at, I've shoved a load of stuff up and we'll see what goes!

Listings include:
15mm Medieval, Sassanids, Fantasy dwarves, undead and other Humans.
6mm WWII Soviets
15mm (FoW) WWII Soviets
And a bunch of other stuff besides!

Check out all my auctions HERE

Sunday, 10 July 2011

I can see! I can see!

But I haven't done much painting :(

My eyes continued to trouble me and took some time before I could focus well enough for long enough to really get down to much painting, so apologies for the lack of updates and for the very poor start to my pledge!

I do have a few new things to show off however, so please take a look if you care at....

The Next Big Thing - World of Twilight Diorama (9 Pictures)
The Giants Gallery - Selected Giants from across many 28mm ranges. (7 new pictures) And dammit, I'm counting those giants as 4 models each for the Pledge!
And because that's not enough new pics when you've been waiting so long, I've also uploaded the hasslefree Fantasy Gallery to add a little more colour (15 pictures)

Good News, I sold some more 15mm Flames of ar WWII Soviets. £120 worth to be exact which sets me off well on the pledge. I am, of course, however, just a normal gamer so no sooner had I done so that I made a purchase to further my Twilight Demo'ing capabilities (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!). Using the same system of counting cavalry as 2 models each, I purchased 24 new models this month. So I break even so far. Not great, but could be worse I guess!

Gallery count: 3
Picture count: 31
The Pledge:
Models Bought: 24
Models Painted: (edit!) 26 - I didn't count the Diorama. counting 1 for model, 1 for setting ;)
Months into the Pledge: 2

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A tooth for a tooth, and an eye....for a giant... ??

Its a couple of weeks unit I'm meant to have a host of giants painted up for a local event.

"Host" currently stands at two!

I have 3 little Ral partha giants, a grenadeir goblin war giant and none other than the truly massive Otherworld Miniatures Giant all put together &/or in early stages of painting.

I also have another Metal warhammer O&G giant which I've almost finished the putty work on as I'm converting it to be swinging a gobline fanatic by the leg.

So a tight deadline, but a lot on the way.

wearing goggles is a must!

I was drilling the beast that is the otherworld giant and it went together really nicely. Goggles on, careful planning, no worries. It is one of the best fitting kits I've worked on (though the sheer weight of it does mean steel pins are an absolute must!)

Shaving your head, optional
I finished the job, took my goggles off, sat back and looked at it. I ran my hand through my hair as I did so.

That was my error. Some of the pewter burrs from the drilling had been waiting to strike from the safety of my hair.

Long story short, I now have a minor operation to have tomorrow, to remove some entrenched metal flakes from my eye, and possibly stitch a flap of eyeball back into place.

Dont expect much new painting from me for a while, not small scale stuff anyway, so at least I have the giants to work on!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

The World of Twilight...

yes yes, I know its been quiet here, but a lot's been happening in the "real world" lately, and I'm pleased to be able to say that a fair bit has been happening in the workshop too :)

Having taken 51 weeks to get the first model painted frommy modest World of Twilight collection, inspiration hit and I've finished up not just the first unit of Enuk knights, but also the first unit of militia for my Fubarnii Empire Forces.

So, there's a modest update to the Twilight Fubarnii galleries today. (6 pictures)

There have been other projects afoot, which will hopefully start bearing fruit int he next week or two. Well, they better had, or I'm going to be in some trouble!

Gallery count: 0
Picture count: 6
Models Bought: 0
Models Painted: 12
Months into the Pledge: 0.6

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Taking the Pledge....

Thats it! This is MAD! I'm taking the Pledge!

Well, I'm taking a variety of "the pledge".

Confused? Let me explain....

The pledge is a commitment to paint more models every month than I buy.

I, like most gamer / collectors have always had a huge lead mountain. However, over the last 6 months I have come into a staggering amount of models on the cheap. Friends closing down trade stands, clearing out old stock and just generally being in the right place at the right time. Deals I could never turn down, but its become simply ridiculous. My flat now resembles the back room of a well stocked hobbyshop.

Thus, my Pledge is a modified one.

I hereby Pledge, that month on month, I will Paint more miniatures than I buy. Furthermore, I pledge that henceforth I will only purchase with funds made from the selling of figures(painted or not).

That way, I should not only start to finish some of the myriad of projects I've currently got partially done, but also be inclined to not just expand my cabinets every month, but actually get on with selling some stuff too, making my hobby self-sufficient once again!

Looking at my workshop, I have a lot of figures nearing completion that have been around for a while, so that should give me a head start, but lets see how long I can keep it up!

Oh, and I suppose I'd better start with a new model hadn't I...
The Twighlight Gallery is Open with my first Fubarni knight. More to come very soon! (4 pictures)

Gallery count: 1
Picture count: 4
Models Bought: update at end of month
Models Painted: update at end of month
Months into the Pledge: 0

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Galleries expanding...

As we head towards salute here in the UK, I've been waving brushes wildly getting ready for the bring & buy, ready to offload someof the excess' I have hanging around.

That said, I've not been getting much in front of the camera, sos for the moment, I'm afraid its the posting of some galleries from my vintage collections which will have to suffice..

Lord of the Rings "Other Characters" Gallery added ( 19 pictures)
40K Miscellaneous Gallery added (23 pictures)

And, for something COMPLETELY different, but which I've never shown online before... a shepherd's hut Gallery! (7 pictures)

Gallery Count: 3
Picture Count: 49

Sunday, 27 March 2011

A Good Weekend for the Website...

Well, not only have I thrown some paint around this weekend, I'm also back on here with another update - and this time galleries!

As mentioned in the Workshop review post below, i bought a (modest...)Pile of Warmachine & hordes models to paint & sell a few months ago & the first of these hit the galleries today. alongside them, I've added a couple of pages of old models to keep working through the backlog as well. I hope you enjoy them all :)

Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth Gallery - 13 pictures
Hordes Skorne Gallery - 12 pictures
10mm Lord of the Rings BoFA "Forces of Good" Gallery - 33 pictures
10mm Lord of the Rings BoFA "Forces of Evil" Gallery - 8 pictures

Total Gallery Count: 4
Total Picture Count: 66

Articles online!!!

I Fixed the site! WooHoo!

OK, now the celebrations are over, I gotta admit, I did nothing other than engage my brain a little better this time around. I dont know what I was doing when I last tried, but that doesn't matter. What does matter is that the Following articles are now online and ready for download through the main site at last!

GGC's Variant Core Rules pack for SoW
Bolt-On Rules for Multiple variant artillery ammunition types
Bolt-On Rules for engineers, medics, comms, officers, and recovery vehicles
Updated "Suburban Carnage" rules for fighting in built up areas

All accessable as PDFs via the Articles section, or the Seeds of War gallery on this very site.

The Brushes are flying - More updates coming soon!

A Workshop Tour

I'm drowning in prjects. I always have a lot on, but its getting crazy. So, rather than start on any of them right away, I thoguht I'd stop to show you all!

Most of these pics were taken a couple of weeks ago, but little has changed since then and it give you a good idea what I'm talking about....

First up, the only ones to have progressed much - my 6mm soviets! This is the latest batch, part way through having all their barrells replaces with brass rod which wont bend so easily. About half of these have been painted since the pic was taken!

In a complete change of scale, style, and everything else, I recently bought a bulk load of Warmachine / Hordes from a mate who runs the Aldershot Games Shop and I'm painting it all for sale. Here we have the first batch partly done - Protectorate of menoth Flameguard and Jacks:

This pic shows a wide variety of projects on the go. There's 28mm Romans (part of another bulk purchase, painting for sale), some 15mm Romans just because I had them and thought "whilst painting big, might as well...", some 28mm pirates, the necrons you will see more of below, and the corner of the 2"x2" 6mm soviet Project Board too - phew!

Picture 4 is something of a rarity for me these days. Because I have a "proper" job these days, and real life issues keep cropping up, I rarely take on commissions but this one is for a local gamer I know quite well and has been ongoing for some time. Epic Necrons - gotta love the community spirit ;o)

On the back shelf you can just make out my own epic Space Wolves. They never get worked on any more, but are always there tempting me to sillyness...

These Guys have been lurking around since april last year. They're by hasslefree miniatures, for the Twighlight game and very nice they are too. I bought them at Salute 2010, after a VERY long time spent hanging around their gaming table and sales stand. I finally bought these with a promise of bringing painted ones back this year, so I'd best crack on with them!

The corner of the actual painting area is a testement to intent over action. The Wizard on the left has been in that state for 3 years or more. The 15mm civilians & scouts I bought on a whim a couple of years back & I've painted half of them but stalled completely when I left scouting myself. The pots on the right each have a single Space Marine era Epic model on. I intend to paint one of each of the originals to a very high standard as something of a homage to 6mm, but that's been the intention for 18months now...(spot the pattern here?). The Classic 40K ork is just that - never started painting him, he just looks cool. Oh, but the Griffon is new! I'm waiting until a couple more fall into my possession so I can batch paint & sell them :)

And Finally for the workshop's painting areas, the other corner of the actual painting section. The Ogre's / giants are relative newcomers - they've only been there for 4 months or so. The handgunners, 40K marine scout and wizards have been there longer than I care to remember. But the really shameful one is the Large sculpt. It's a large scale Kraytonian bust I started WAY back in 2006 I think with the intention of having it done for that year's salute. However, plans for the big day took over and my first attempt at large scale sculpting ceased. I never really went back to it. It remains as a reminder & I've recently bought some new clay... oh dear... :D

Oh, and then there's the stockpiles.... I'll add just one picture of my current DRM stockpile - another case of buy on bulk to paint & sell... I just can't help myself!

So yes, far too much to ever complete. In my defence, the largest stockpiles were bought when it looked like I was going to be out of work for 3 months having operations on my knees. But then that hasn't happened (yet) and I've had a hell of a lot of other stuff going on, so things have built up to an all time crazy....

... time to stop writing and start paitning I guess! :)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

File Upload Woes :(

Hi all, I'm Paul, and I broke the HobbyBrush....

I'm sorry to say that there wont be any articles going up in the proper articles section for a while.

I am having a few issues, undoubtedly with myself rather than the website itself, but either way I cant get the PDF uploads to work!

I've put them all online, so you can take a look, but I'm afriad you have to dig for them from here as I cant link them directly into the website :(

[SoW] GGC's Alternative Core SoW rules pack
[SoW] Suburban Carnage V2.0
[SoW] Loading the Guns V1.0
[SoW] Unsung heoroes V1.0

More fail! I'll keep trying though - galleries a plenty next time :)

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Less than itended....

Of the promised articles....(a post from the past)

I have to admit to having been previously distracted by some new clay I bought the other day, so my list of documents is not what I had previously boasted at any rate, but soon up will definitely be:
Guildford Games Club's Seeds of War Variant Rules - complete edited version of the core rules!
New SoW rules for different artillery munitions (namely smoke, bunker busters, incendiary and area suppression)
New SoW rules for support units (medics, NCOs, COmms officers, repair units)
Suburban Carnage 2.0 for SoW

And the others from the list below are all still in the works.... I just dont apparently type as fast as I thought I did!

At this point I must describe my situation - I'm sitting in a hotel bar, where I have been quietly tapping away writing and updating a couple of seeds of war articles for the past couple of hours, with the intention of putting them online tonight.

However, with the sudden swarming of 400 odd college students out of the main function room and into the bar where I am seated, I fear my night of quiet geekery might have just been cut short! I suddenly feel very old and out of place...

The documents I can continue to write from the comfort of my hotel room, but unfortnately the only net access available here is in this bar, so they wont be making it online just yet!

Of the Here an now...

I'm afraid that was over a week ago & I never did make it online to make the intended updates! Those will be going online tonight or tomorrow - watch this space.

What I have done, however, is to activate a couple more galleries to show willing. So, to bring the worst of the 2011 drought to an end, may I present a few pages of pretty things....

15mm FLames of War Soviet Massed Army Gallery (14 pictures)
Studio Mordheim Angry Mob Gallery (21 pictures)
15mm Fantasy Misc Gallery (6 pictures)

New Gallery Count: 3
New Picture Count: 41
New Article Count: 0 - FAIL!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Its.... March... ????

Things have been a bit hectic lately, to say the least!

I have done a little painting, but not the loads I normally put together in a gap of 3 months from posting and certainly not the hordes I had planned!

I am currently taking a week out from the world as a whole. I am hidden away somewhere in the UK with little other than a laptop and a couple of books for company. I'll not be online much, but part of my plan is to catch up on some of the heaps of articles and rules documents that I've been intending to put togehter and / or polish up for some time.

The one disadvantage is that the laptop I've very kindly been lent is slightly out-of-date and I cant do spomeof the formatting I usually do for Seeds of War articles, so they may not be pretty, but currently being worked on (all of which have needed properly writing up for at least 6 months, some 2+ years!):

Guildford Games Club's FAQ & Erratta for SoW
SubUrban Carnage 2.0
A selection of new SoW scenarios
Electronic warfare for all 3 core races
Repair units, Medics, NCOs and COmms officers for the Pax
Variant artillery ammunition rules
Mega Walker FOrce Organisation for the Andrayada
Special Ops / Recon Force Org for the Pax
Weapons reference list for all 3 core races in SoW.

If I've promised anyone any articles (be they seeds of War or otherwise) in recent months (hell, years.... whenever!) please drop me a line at the normal email address - this is your best chance to get me when I might actually be able to do something about it :)

Happy gaming!