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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Just a little one..

Just a little one today as I'm all over the place this weekend, but am determined to keep the updates flowing!

Of Gaming...
I Played Infinity last Monday against Eddie Turner. A finer hobbyist is hard to find, but for knowledge of Infinity we were both rather lacking - it being his second game and only the third of my own. We were both playing Ariadna however, which did help limit the special abilities a little.

He was plagued by some bad luck ("Lucky" hi sniper fell off a roof as his very first activation...) and fell foul to both our naivities when it came to terrain layout. A shooting duel erupted down one very long corridoor beween my Line Kazak with Missile Launcher (Hereafter known as "Bugs") and his Tank hunter with Autocannon (hereafter known as Elmer (Fudd) ). His autocannon came off the worse for ware, and it continued from there. I got caught in a fearful crossfire at one stage, which saw the temporary demise of "Bugs", but it all swung my way when a lucky shot took out his lieutenant, and then a mad rampage by my one painted model - the Chasseur, got lucky the following turn and took out his newly appointed replacement lieutenant!

At the end of the game, I'd lost Bugs, He'd lost over half his force, but we were both smiling so a success all round! Mores the point - rematch on Monday!

Of Painting:
There's not been much of this, but there's been loads of prepping going on for the next few "jobs". One regiment of Legionaires is ready for paint, another are cleanded & ready for assembly. I've also started to look ahead to the next project, but more on that next week!

The only painting I've completed is the 8 Auxillary Archers mentioned last update.

So, on the matter of Updates, what's new?

I've uploaded a new DRM gallery - "The 5th Race". Its all pre-release models from years back. Will they see production? Your guess is as good as mine, but they're pretty none the less! (25 Pictures)
And the second And Third Guest Galleries from my recent photoshoot at the Guildford Games Club are both up. Dan and Marks' forces were two of the main influences in me deciding to do the guest Galleries in the first place, so it seems right they should be among the first online! Small, but perfectly formed, I present the Warmachine Cryx force of Dan Gardiner (4 pictures), and the Warhammer Chaos Force of Mark Shaw (9 pictures).

New Galleries: 3
New Pictures: 38

And an update on the Pledge!
I've not bought anything new at all this month, so its looking good! Unless you count transfers, in which case you can... umm... well, get a life really ;op
The Pledge:
Models Bought: 37
Models Painted: 101
Months into the Pledge: 6

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