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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


What's this? A mid-week update? Bet that caught you un-awares!

Truth is, I'm away at the weekend and might miss the next update so a mid-week workbench post seems ot be in order.

Of Painting....
I'm still yet to get the first regiment of Roman Legionaires finished, or either the Auxillaries or second hlaf of the archers photographed, but I remembered I had some WIP photos I never posted, so here they are as proof that they at least got this far (and honest, they have been finished!

Beyond them, I've started eyeing up the next little project. I only have the Romans because I bought a huge stockpile of DRM figures when Ian closed down his games store, the HobbyBox. This stuff has been sitting around for a fair while now without being touched and its time I changed this. What's more, its time I really knocked some stuff out fast and I know I can do this with DRM's 6mm sci fi range, having painted thousands of them already!

Here's the latest round of reinforcements having been cleaned and prepped for undercoat.

Yes, thats a re-inforcement for my Kraytonians. There's a mix of 42 vehicles & aircraft (6 aircraft require converting & aren't in this shot) and 85 stands of infantry or cavalry. I also have 11 Super Heavy Flyers, but they're not getting a look in yet.

Basically the plan is to get the Romans and these all done for Christmas. Then move on to more detailed painting of Fubarnii for World of Twighlight and Ariadna for Infinity. In the mean time I've also been challenged (by my girlfriend no less... I dont think she likes seeing me..) to enter a coupld of painting competitions, so we'll see if the plan holds up at all!

Of Gaming...
Just got time for a quick gaming update as well. Played Infinity against Eddie for the second time last Monday. Far more knowledge of the scenery requirements was a great help and Eddie had set up an interesting board for us to fight across by the time I got to the club.

I made a fair few mistakes and Eddie was on the game, with his Autocannon managing to pin down not one but two main routes of advance with some very good manouvering fire throughout the game. In short, I lost hideously but had a great time doing so - Cheers Eddie! More next week!

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