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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Before I disappear....

I'm off on a course this week, and on a rare holiday next week, so Updates may be slow. I've not been away from work for more than 5 days in about 8 years, so I'm very much looking forward to the break but it does mean that updates will be slow once again but I have some great galleries both right now for you and waiting in the wings for my return, so fear not!

Of Gaming...

I love my Kazak Medic! That pretty much sums up my gaming from last monday. We played a Doubles game of infinity, with Myself and Eddie (as the two Ariadna commanders) taking on the abominable alliance of James and Dan.

The First turn was looking pretty dire as 3 of Eddies newly painted beauties fell in the first couple of activations, and our forces were forced to hit the ground all across the board. By sheer luck, this also took out Eddies Lieutenant, so things were really looking Grim and we'd not even activated yet!

The next three turns came down to a bitter struggle trying to clear a route for my medic to make a Dash to our fallen comrades and apply some aid. Finally the way was clear enough for me to take the chance, and dancing through a hail of bullets he reached the line of 3 stricken bodies. Not only that, but he managed to revive two of the three and just in time too. In the following activation, the enemy took out another of Eddies troops which would otherwise have forced him into retreat.

With our line balanced once more, Eddie did a fine job of taking his revenge, whilst I mainly rolled terrible dice and missed with a million Missile shots. The final outcome - Victory to Ariadna, and it was all thanks to my Medic and Eddies shooting!

Of Painting...

I had a great weekend in London last weekend and followed it with a day at Twickers watching Rugby yesterday (crap game, great day..) and a day with Kim today. So yes, I'm still working on the second Regiment of Legionaries. With the Holiday and Course in the next fortnight, my plans for my painting schedule are already looking dodgey... :os

But, lets not dwell on the possible doom ahead and instead enjoy the labours of weeks past. I've updated the 28mm Roman Gallery with pictures of the now completed Archers regiment, the first regiment of Auxillaries and the First Regiment of Veteran Legionaires. (11 pictures)

It's at this point that I should probably point something out. Because I am not painting these Romans for anything in particular, I am using them to try out a few different things. So you will notice that there will be a variety of basing between regiments, and most of the regiments will have one element or another painted in a different style. This includes trying washes and "Dips" that have sat on my shelves unused for years. Hopefully the results will still look relatively cohesive as a final complete army, but if it doesn't it's not too much bother!

I have also uploaded another Guest Gallery. I had one planned, but I'm still waiting for an email with some background info (HINT HINT JAMES!!!). So in the mean time I'm afraid you'll just have to make do* with Rhys Knight's Ad-Mech Army for 40K. (39 pictures)

New Galleries: 1
New Pictures: 50

*When I say "Make do", I mean please cover your keyboards with a drool-proof sheet as these things are gorgeous... ;)

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