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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year! And a tour of the workbench....

Well, Holidays are done, presents have been given and gratefully received, and the brushes have been flying!

I will do a proper website update and Pledge update in the next few days, but for now, I shall return to a New years tradition of my own. Every year, I do a tour of the Workshop & Cabinets. This is as much for me to remind myself what's been sitting around for far too long, what's new, and what needs selling, as anything else, so please bear with me!

Currently Being worked on...

First up, we have some more from the World of Twilight range. This represents the majority of my Military Furbarnii Empire miniatures collected to date, but I have plenty of civilian elements still to add ASAP!

Then there's the ever-present Kraytonian reinforcements. I was almost sad to finish what ARE ('Onest Guvnor..) my last ever Kraytonian light, medium and heavy infantry formations as you see here (proper pics in an update soon!) until I remembered this little lot....

Yep, they'll keep me going! That's two formations of kameli, two formations of veterans, a couple of converted Basilei, twoi formations of Rakkats, two formations of Torrak Riders (Mounted Bounty Hunters from Exodus Wars ) and a formation of oversized Krayt Bodyguards / Ferral Krayt (also from EW). Then there's the 42 coins, which are in the process of being made into bases for the 42 Kraytonian Vehicles I have waiting int he wings.... not to mention the 11 Super Heavy Flyers still in their boxes.... GULP!

And then there's this dude. He just crept back onto my workbench using his obvious powers of stealth... I was never planning to work on him but he suddenly looked cool somewhere around 3pm on Boxing Day....

Annual tour of the cabinets and a proper web update soon, but thats all for now - back to work!

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