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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Just to keep you on your toes...

A Regular style update post!

Of Gaming, or rather of owning-up to idiotitus:
There's been none in ages I'm afraid. I was meant to be running a Pit Fighter Night at the Guildford club before christmas, but I managed to turn up without the stat sheets. D'oH! Between the shame of this foolish act and all the recent bank holidays, I've not been to the Club in a while, so no dice rolled :(

As an aside, is this drednaught using cover wisely, or grinding against a pillar in an attempt to distract some enemy daemonettes with a saucy Drednaught pole-dance?? Answers on a postcard...

Of painting:
Now this I have been doing! I've finished off the initial Roman challenge. There's 24more auxilleries which I won on ebay (by mistake....honest... ) and 3 mounted Aux's too to add at some stage, but all the infantry I got from HobbyBox's closing are complete and in the cabinet.

I've made a start on the Kraytonian Reinforcements, with the first 36 stands (thats 180 troops) of infantry complete.

I've also done a fair bit of damage to my World of Twilight lead pile, having completed 12 militia and 4 knights in recent weeks. Blow by blow progress of this can be found on the World of Twilight Forums. These have taken a lot longer than I was planning, and combined with a lot more festive fun than I had bargained on, I didn't hit all my goals, but have had a great time none the less!

These updates will be spread out a little, as I simply have too much to post!

Of Updates & Pledges:
A Guest Galleries First, as my Good Friends have been waiting too long to see them! James Jackson is a man after my own heart, and when he does a project, he does it BIG. Check out his immense 40K Marine Army NOW! (21 pictures)

Following this, I feel I need something of equal size, so I delve into my back catalogue to bring you yet more Marines, but this time in the proper scale of 6mm - an Epic Commission covering 4 different chapters. (53 pictures)

That's all for now. I'm not around next week - heading off to the mountains to strap wood to my feet and try to pass it off as skiing (I'm 8 years rusty...) so I'll be back in a fortnight with plenty more pics, and another great round of guest galleries!


New Galleries: 2
New Pictures: 74

The Pledge:
Models Bought: 37 (+0 -nothing model related at all for Christmas!)
Models Painted: 221 (+ 40 legionaires+24 Auxilleries+36 stands of Krayt+ 12 Fubarnii foot + 8 for Fubarnii knights)
Months into the Pledge: 8

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