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This Blog is acting as the news and updates page for my new website,

The website itself is the archive of my painting through the last decade or more, with easy navigation around what now amounts to over 3000 images of wargames figures & display miniatures.

It is also the repository for my musings, workbench notes and reports on all things gaming and miniature painting that I get up to.

I've been collecting miniatures for 24 years and have covered most scales, periods and styles in that time. Don't expect consistency on one project here - there will be variety in project, but hopefully consistently high standards!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Painting New, Uploading old...

I'm afraid its all old stuff again this week, as I work my way through the thousands of miniatures I've painted in years gone by and work out which of the photos I deem reasonable enough for public viewing!

I am still painting a mixture of my own projects and a couple of small commissions, but I've not managed to get anythign in front of the camera for a month or so. Thus, I do hope that variety will make up for the lack of any new brush work for the time being!

Whats New?
Following up from the MotoStrelkovy last time around, this time its the Soviet FoW Tankovy Gallery - 22 pictures
And a very small German Commission - 4 pictures
Black Tree Designs Fantasy Gallery - 6 pictures
6mm Goblin Gallery - 15 pictures (you gotta start somewhere...)
6mm amazon gallery - 14 pictures (ditto!)
And, just because we're missing the sci-fi element so far this week, a VOID gallery to finish off - 27 pictures

Todays totals:
New Galleries - 6
New Images - 88

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

LotR Dwarves, Rohirrm, Warhammer Empire, Modern Delta Force, and *deep breath* WWII FoW Soviet Motostrelkovy... phew!

Its update time again!

Another random selection of old projects for you today, including:
One of my favourite projects for Lord of the Rings - a Dwarven Warband - 14 pictures
My biggest and quickest - to - paint projecrt for LotR - Rohirrm - 7 pictures

Following on from the last update, a second Empire Gallery int he WHFB section - 10 pictures
Taking a historical turn....
Ultra-modern Delta Force galery from TAG miniatures - 6 pictures

And Finally, because the picture numbers need bolstering, the first Flames of War gallery of my own collections, the Soviet Motostrelkovy - 58 pictures :)

Today's totals:
New Galleries: 5
New pictures: 95 (so close!)

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow is here, and so are the updates!

Its been snowing here in Surrey, UK, and that means everything stops working in England. Including me! Not by choice, but there isn't much one can do on a roof under 6 inches of snow!

So, I've been uploading pictures and creating galleries for a couple of hours & there's plenty more to come!

So, what's new?
General galleries:
First up a gallery that actually contains some relatively new models!
SoW Objectives gallery - 16 pictures

And then lots of old projects to fill in a few of the many gaps still to go...

15mm Dwarf army 2 - just 6 pictures :(
Warhammer Empire Army - 24 pictures

The Flames of war section finally opens, and with a bang!
Small british Commission - 8 pictures
DAK Army Commission - 27 pictures
and the Flames of War Objectives Gallery - 11 images.

Totals for the day -
New Gallery count: 6
Picture Count: 92 :)

And at this rate - more tomorrow!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Boromir and the Cowboys...

No, its not a bad ovie title, its the contents of todays update on the HobbyBrush!

Boromir was the first of the LotR characers I ever painted, and one of the one's I've done the most copies of since. Here you will find a few of the versions, but please note ost of them are quite old & indeed, painted before the movies actually came out, so there are errors in paint scheme detailss here & there! :os

Second addition this week is also the second in its section - the Old west is boosted by a gallery of figures from artizan designs. They were painted at the same time as the Black Scorpion commission, for the same customer.

New Galleries: 2
Picture Count: 30

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Something about all great plans...

Well, the updates theory had been going so well, it was bound to take a fall!

The plan had been for a slightly tongue-in-cheek update for the 10th day, but it was not to be. I went out clubbing for Halloween, and I was going to post a gallery of the faces I painted for the night as a comedy finallee to the 10 days of miniatures. However, cameras (never the wobbly hands of the users.. honest..) failed us and not a single photo came out. No gallery, just one here for the blog from a year or two previous...

So, moving swiftly back to the miniatures side of things, I'm working on my 6mm soviet project with quite a pace! The first big batch has been ordered, painted and based, and the second batch have arrived and are ready for some attention.

This project is self-funding, meaning I will only buy new items to expand the force when I have sold something from it to fund it, so if you are interested in any 6mm Soviet armour, please do drop me a line - paul_J_T [at]!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Day 8 - Whoops... missed a few...

I Had a busy night on Monday & didn't manage an update. No excuse for yesterday however, just a lot of "real life" going on. I'll try to make up for it all today with something of a tour of the scales...

Gallery 1 - starting with some of the nicest miniatures, if maybe not my best painting. The 28mm Sci-Fi Misc section opens with a gallery of HassleFree Sci-Fi Miniatures.

From 28mm sci-fi to 15mm Fantasy, and a small 15mm scale Goblinoid army gallery.

Straight on to 10mm next, and Historicals this time, with some ancient indians painted for magister Militum.

That's 3 galleries to cover 3 days, but I feel I owe you, so how about some of my staple diet - some 6mm sci-fi to finish off? But, for a change, not my work?

Its the first guest Gallery on HobbyBrush - a small sample from the Very Fine work of Epic Tournament Regular Mat Arnold aka "Rug". Check it out HERE

Gallery Count: 4
Picture Count: 79

Sunday, 24 October 2010

10mm Lord of the Rings

Day 5 - I did 28mm & 6mm updates yesterday, so it's back to 10mm scale today to keep up the variety. Copplestone 10mm Fantasy is the target, with a very LotR style range... strange that...

New Galleries: 1
Picture Count: 16

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Now for something Modern...

Day Four - its Ultra-Modern Brits today!

I've also added a few WIP style shots from my 6mm soviet project, which is currently the target of much brush-work!

New Galleries: 1
Picture Count: 32

Friday, 22 October 2010

Dont mess with the Girls Football team... !

Day three and we ride in from the plains, and onto the pitch - Its a "Wicked Elf" team for blood Bowl (or any other fantasy football game for that matter of course...) from shadowforge!

But thats only 8 pictures... thats no good... Have a tiny but detailed Roman General to make up for it a little... ;)

Gallery Count: 2
Picture Count: 13

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Riding on in to the Old West...

Day two, and this time its 28mm Old west - I think that counts as enough of a change from 6mm sci-fi, right?

Check out the gallery HERE

Gallery Count: 1
Picture Count: 20

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Day 1 - Epic Rhino Project Gallery

I've decided to try and upload a gallery or an article every day for the coming 10 days because... well.. I want to!

Whats more, I want each gallery to be showing a notably different genre / scale etc to the others. Not sure how well that part will go, but lets see!

First up is a Gallery of Epic 40K / Epic: Armageddon Space marine Rhinos. All painted in different colour schemes - more details in THE GALLERY.


Gallery Count: 1
Picture count: 11

Sunday, 17 October 2010

New Galleries - Big & Small

In todays update, we have a selection of large galleries of small miniatures, and small galleries of Large Miniatures - Enjoy!:

Epic Logan Grimnar MkII Gallery - 32 Pictures
Lord of the Rings, Aragorn Gallery - 16 Pictures
Lord of the Rings, Gandalf Gallery - 5 Pictures
Ancient Gladiators - 32 pictures

Gallery Count: 4
Picture Count: 85

Currently on the workbench - 28mm Imperial Romans, 6mm WWII soviets and some epic Necrons - coming soon!

Friday, 1 October 2010

How many models have I painted?!?!?

No more updates today I'm afraid, but I am working on the site behind the scenes.

Since a few people posted that "it needs more pictures", I did a little list. Thus it is that its just come to my attention that I still have over 60 more GALLERIES to add before I'm even caught up on my old painted items & commissions.

Some of those will have just a few pictures in, granted, but there's a couple more lurking in there which approach the 100-picture-per-gallery mark too!

How many Models have I painted over the years?!?! I've quite scared myself....

Still, it looks like the HobbyBrush is set to continue to expand for quite a while to come :)

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Continuing Clearout

More stuff being photographed for sale means more pictures up here again today!

Total picture count for today - 79
New Galleries - 6

Soviets for Sale
- 10 Photos
Epic Scenery Gallery - 13 pictures
Warhammer Misc Gallery - 4 pictures (a classic Ogre)
15mm medieval / Fantasy Human army 1 - 6 new photos
15mm Fantasy Human army 3 - 11 new photos
28mm BTD WW2 Soviet tank riders - 13 pictures
18mm BTD WW2 German DAK - 26 pictures

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Updates & Sales

Its time for a clearout & I'm adding a heap of pictures which is always good for the site!

New Picture Count - 18

So Far, I've added:
15mm Fantasy Humans 2 - 11 Pictures
6mm World War 2 Russians - 7 pictures

More tomorrow!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Blitzkreig Commander II game - Mon sept 6th

Hi all,

Not much painting lately, but I had another grat game of BKC yesterday. Only the second real game for either myself or my opponent, so we're stumbling through a few points and getting to grips with things, but its fair to say we're both already hooked!

For those interested, I'm playing around with a piece of software called Battle Chronicler at the moment. It allows you to put together battle reports with some great maps etc. I hope to post a report of the game using this soon!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Galleries and Articles - Old & New

Hi all,

I was asked a few weeks ago for some information regarding my Epic Logan Grimnar conversions. This prompted me to dig out the old articles along with a load of other painting guides I wrote way back & I've now edited the first of them for addition tot he HobbyBrush archives.

I've also added a couple of new galleries whilst I was here :)

Whats New:
Epic Logan Grimnar Mk1 gallery - 13 pictures
Making Epic Logan Grimnar Mk1 - article
15mm Fantasy Human Gallery 1 - 17 pictures
28mm Cave Men Gallery - 13 Pictures

Picture count - 43!

Of the latest Gaming..

Not much ahs been being painted lately. My girlfriend's moved into my flat with me & whilst I'm very happy with her here, it has (temporarily, honest!) slowed my brushwork a little!

I have however had a few more games of Seeds of War, continuing to trial different ideas for the Buildings rules to tweak them a little more. They're currently seeming quite good, we just need to make the right decisions as to which buildings are which at the start of our games, and I'm in the process of writing up a siege list for the Pax to give their arty some clout in Urban areas, which it currently is oddly lacking.

Of Blitzkreig commander...

I've finally got myself an opponent for 6mm WWII, so the long languishing project is seeing some real advances at last!

We played our first game of BKCII ten days ago and I was reminded of just how much I like the warmaster C&C mechanics.

The Soviets are on the move, and I've spent a good deal of time researching the 3rd Guard Tank army's TO&E for July '44. Having done the 3rd Guard tank army for my Mid-war (14th July '43 - Kursk, I've gone exactly one year on!) flames of war forces years ago, its been interesting to see how the force changed and developed in just a short period.

Before you wonder, I certainly dont intend to collect the whole lot, but you can expect project updates soon!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Latest two SoW Games

Had a Couple of great games of Seeds of War lately - here's the super-quick over-view of them both - more details in article form soon!

Game 1 - 800 points, Krayt Vs Andrayada

We went for a big game, and a good one it was too!

6x4' with many a building, and a few forrests for good measure.

Game 2 - 400 points, Krayt Vs Andrayada, testing "Suburban Carnage" Bolt-on

As part of our continuing testing of the Bolt-on rule sets, we played a small game on a 4'x4' board, absolutely packed with buildings.

We decided (ok, I declared...) that each force should contain at least 50% infantry, which would be deployed in the buildings in the center of the board at the start of the game. The aim was to test the Building rules, so we figured we needed targets!

The winner was stated as the first player to completely wipe out the opponents infantry forces.

In the first three turns, James succeeded in levelling a very large section of the city, as my infantry ran from building to building, watching them fall like dominoes behind them.

My Veterans and Basileus formation came into play in turns 4 & 5, making a couple of good assaults and suprisingly, the standard monitior formation did a fine job too, showing an Andrayada warrior Phalanx how to do it up close and personal in the last turn.

In the end, we both had infantry left alive, but, having both taken armies designed to take down buildings, very little that could actually kill infantry in the open!

We declared a draw & a great success for a playtest.

The outcome:
Buildings are too easy to destroy with standard AV fire.
They're far too hard to destroy with Artillery.
Infantry escaping a falling building should have some chance of gaining suppression counters when they successfully escape, or they walk out as though nothing has happened.

Tweaking needed!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

15mm Galleries & items for sale!

Getting back to the website after my weeks of training & walking at last!

This week I've opened the first of the 15mm Fantasy Galleries, starting with two small armies which are both also available for sale right now.

15mm Fantasy Dwarves
15mm Fantasy Undead

Picture Count: - just 20 :(

Friday, 25 June 2010

A Couple of Weeks of Quiet...

Hi all,

Thought I should post just to apologise for the quiet in the last week or so, which will continue for another week to come as well.

I have accepted the challenge from my father to complete something called the 15 peaks. It involves hiking / running up (and down!) the 15 peaks over 3000feet in Snowdonia, Wales, with a target time of 16 hours.

We leave on the 1st of July, intending to start walking around 4:30am on the 2nd.

Working as I do on building sites all day, and climbing quite regularly, I am reasonably fit anyway, but training for this challenge has taken over & 3 hours walking each night has put a temporary end to painting or web-updating I'm afraid!

So thats about it - sorry for the drop-off in updates, but dont worry, they'll return very soon!

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Orcs are Here!!!!

No gaming at the club tonight, but I've added a gallery for my current big project. A Massive Greenskin Horde for WHFB.

Finally, something which is actually current and NEW for the HobbyBrush! Plenty more old stuff to be added yet, but this one should keep me in regular updates for a while :)

Picture count: 23. but a NEW 23... ;)

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

6mm ancient galleries

6mm ancient galleries have been added to the HobbyBrush for Romans and Greeks!

And a couple of 6mm Napoleonics as well!

As always, Thanks for looking!

SoW game - 24 / 05 / 2010

I have promised myself to keep more of a record of my gaming on this blog. This I have done many times on various other mediums, but, honestly, I intend to do it this time!

The First installment is fuller than many may be, and can now be found in the articles section of the hobbyBrush, HERE

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Test Website up & running

There's a New Hobby Brush test site - !!

Please feel free to have a poke around & let me know of anything you find which doesn't work for you. We have a few more little things to add in the background worky-bitz, then it will be ported over to plain old

The content is growing fast - currently available:
All my Seeds of War Articles

Miniature galleries for:
Seeds of war Pax Arcadians (6mm sci fi humans)Almost 200 pics!!!)
Large Scale Forgeworld Ursarkar Creed Bust
WHFB Chaos display pieces
Warmaster Bretonnian Joust
Warhammer bretonnian army (almost 100 pics!)

And a Gallery of Fantasy Art my a Friend of mine who passed away in 2004.

I hope you enjoy what's there, and I will keep the blog updated as I add more over the next few days...

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Website Progress...

Hi all,

Rich is working hard and the website is progresing well. I'm currently padding it out with a host of gallery sections, sub sections and, umm... sub-sub sections ("Mains", "Subs", and "armies" if you're organised like Rich.. ), but currently rather few photos I'm afraid. This will change soon, but progress is definitely being made!

As for painting, Its still all green - Epic Necrons and WHFB Greenskins all the way!

I'll throw in a couple of Orc pics here to whet your appetite a little...

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Website is a WIP

Thought I should post an update on progress on things so far.

The HobbyBrush website:
Richard is working hard in his spare time to put together a proper backbone for the website for me. I believe he's got most of it in place, so a couple more weeks and we should be good to roll!

Epic painting:
I'm currently painting up a Necron army for Epic Armageddon on commission (yes yes, I know the website says I dont take them... but this one seemed interesting!). Lots of pics will be on the site once its operational.

Other painting:
My Savage Orc project has expanded into a far larger project. The basic Savages are now complete, but the aim has been enlarged to encompass pretty much every option and army style you could want in a Greenskin army. I never do things by half, so watch this space for 10K of mighty green regiments over the coming year!

Friday, 26 February 2010

6mm soviets

I'm still playing with setting up the galleries & I'm not sure its woth the effort of doing it all by hand when (hopefully) come the end of March I'll get an automated system in place.

In the mean time, here's one of my more recent painting projects - 6mm Soviet infantry from GHQ. This is one of 9 infantry companies I've painted so far, each consisting 6 rifle, 2HMG and 2 Support Mortar units, based for use with BKC.

As a side note, they're currently on ebay.. not pimping them or anything... but here's a LINK to my Sales anyway... ;o)

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

External test page up

I've been sorting out the best way to structure the galleries. They're going to take a long time to fill up, but they will contain thousands of photos when I'm through with it all, so they need to be robust.

Currently I'm looking at a 3 or 4 tiered system:

Genre (main menu selection) --click--> scales (Page of options) --click--> Page of armies & groups --click--> Gallery Page --click--> enlarge any given picture

Does that make sense?

Test page showing more accurate layout can be found HERE

Let me know what you think!

Everything is so shiny...

New website, new Blog... I'm at risk of being left feeling distinctly out-of-date myself!

I need this in my website.. so lets see how that bit works...

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