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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Something about all great plans...

Well, the updates theory had been going so well, it was bound to take a fall!

The plan had been for a slightly tongue-in-cheek update for the 10th day, but it was not to be. I went out clubbing for Halloween, and I was going to post a gallery of the faces I painted for the night as a comedy finallee to the 10 days of miniatures. However, cameras (never the wobbly hands of the users.. honest..) failed us and not a single photo came out. No gallery, just one here for the blog from a year or two previous...

So, moving swiftly back to the miniatures side of things, I'm working on my 6mm soviet project with quite a pace! The first big batch has been ordered, painted and based, and the second batch have arrived and are ready for some attention.

This project is self-funding, meaning I will only buy new items to expand the force when I have sold something from it to fund it, so if you are interested in any 6mm Soviet armour, please do drop me a line - paul_J_T [at]!

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