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This Blog is acting as the news and updates page for my new website,

The website itself is the archive of my painting through the last decade or more, with easy navigation around what now amounts to over 3000 images of wargames figures & display miniatures.

It is also the repository for my musings, workbench notes and reports on all things gaming and miniature painting that I get up to.

I've been collecting miniatures for 24 years and have covered most scales, periods and styles in that time. Don't expect consistency on one project here - there will be variety in project, but hopefully consistently high standards!

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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Day 8 - Whoops... missed a few...

I Had a busy night on Monday & didn't manage an update. No excuse for yesterday however, just a lot of "real life" going on. I'll try to make up for it all today with something of a tour of the scales...

Gallery 1 - starting with some of the nicest miniatures, if maybe not my best painting. The 28mm Sci-Fi Misc section opens with a gallery of HassleFree Sci-Fi Miniatures.

From 28mm sci-fi to 15mm Fantasy, and a small 15mm scale Goblinoid army gallery.

Straight on to 10mm next, and Historicals this time, with some ancient indians painted for magister Militum.

That's 3 galleries to cover 3 days, but I feel I owe you, so how about some of my staple diet - some 6mm sci-fi to finish off? But, for a change, not my work?

Its the first guest Gallery on HobbyBrush - a small sample from the Very Fine work of Epic Tournament Regular Mat Arnold aka "Rug". Check it out HERE

Gallery Count: 4
Picture Count: 79

Sunday, 24 October 2010

10mm Lord of the Rings

Day 5 - I did 28mm & 6mm updates yesterday, so it's back to 10mm scale today to keep up the variety. Copplestone 10mm Fantasy is the target, with a very LotR style range... strange that...

New Galleries: 1
Picture Count: 16

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Now for something Modern...

Day Four - its Ultra-Modern Brits today!

I've also added a few WIP style shots from my 6mm soviet project, which is currently the target of much brush-work!

New Galleries: 1
Picture Count: 32

Friday, 22 October 2010

Dont mess with the Girls Football team... !

Day three and we ride in from the plains, and onto the pitch - Its a "Wicked Elf" team for blood Bowl (or any other fantasy football game for that matter of course...) from shadowforge!

But thats only 8 pictures... thats no good... Have a tiny but detailed Roman General to make up for it a little... ;)

Gallery Count: 2
Picture Count: 13

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Riding on in to the Old West...

Day two, and this time its 28mm Old west - I think that counts as enough of a change from 6mm sci-fi, right?

Check out the gallery HERE

Gallery Count: 1
Picture Count: 20

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Day 1 - Epic Rhino Project Gallery

I've decided to try and upload a gallery or an article every day for the coming 10 days because... well.. I want to!

Whats more, I want each gallery to be showing a notably different genre / scale etc to the others. Not sure how well that part will go, but lets see!

First up is a Gallery of Epic 40K / Epic: Armageddon Space marine Rhinos. All painted in different colour schemes - more details in THE GALLERY.


Gallery Count: 1
Picture count: 11

Sunday, 17 October 2010

New Galleries - Big & Small

In todays update, we have a selection of large galleries of small miniatures, and small galleries of Large Miniatures - Enjoy!:

Epic Logan Grimnar MkII Gallery - 32 Pictures
Lord of the Rings, Aragorn Gallery - 16 Pictures
Lord of the Rings, Gandalf Gallery - 5 Pictures
Ancient Gladiators - 32 pictures

Gallery Count: 4
Picture Count: 85

Currently on the workbench - 28mm Imperial Romans, 6mm WWII soviets and some epic Necrons - coming soon!

Friday, 1 October 2010

How many models have I painted?!?!?

No more updates today I'm afraid, but I am working on the site behind the scenes.

Since a few people posted that "it needs more pictures", I did a little list. Thus it is that its just come to my attention that I still have over 60 more GALLERIES to add before I'm even caught up on my old painted items & commissions.

Some of those will have just a few pictures in, granted, but there's a couple more lurking in there which approach the 100-picture-per-gallery mark too!

How many Models have I painted over the years?!?! I've quite scared myself....

Still, it looks like the HobbyBrush is set to continue to expand for quite a while to come :)