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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

LotR Dwarves, Rohirrm, Warhammer Empire, Modern Delta Force, and *deep breath* WWII FoW Soviet Motostrelkovy... phew!

Its update time again!

Another random selection of old projects for you today, including:
One of my favourite projects for Lord of the Rings - a Dwarven Warband - 14 pictures
My biggest and quickest - to - paint projecrt for LotR - Rohirrm - 7 pictures

Following on from the last update, a second Empire Gallery int he WHFB section - 10 pictures
Taking a historical turn....
Ultra-modern Delta Force galery from TAG miniatures - 6 pictures

And Finally, because the picture numbers need bolstering, the first Flames of War gallery of my own collections, the Soviet Motostrelkovy - 58 pictures :)

Today's totals:
New Galleries: 5
New pictures: 95 (so close!)

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