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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Making up for lost time...

Of Gaming...

This'll be quick - in the last two weeks, I've not done ANY! I messed up my scheduling and didn't get a game two weeks ago, and last week I spent my usual Gaming night at Guildford Games Club on Monday taking photos of other gamer's armies. so nothing to report exceopt...

Of Guildford Games Clubber's Guest Galleries... (try saying that 3 times fast...)

As noted, last Monday I took my camera, light and a fair bit of backing paper down to the Guildford Games Club to take some photos of the other gamer's armies. There's some impressive collections down there, and some great painters too so I though it was about time they got shared with the world!

In the coming weeks & months, I will be including galleries marked "[Guest Gallery]" to many of the different sections of the site including warhammer, 40K, warmachine, Infinity, Seeds of War, 6mm WWII and epic among many others. These are galleries for true gamers armies and whilst I havent uploaded the majority of them yet, I love them already!

The First for your consumption was chosen purely because he's the only one who provided me any details of his forces whilst I was photographing them. Introducing the first of 3 Guest Galleries to come from the talented hands of Alex Foyster - His Warhammer High Elves (19 pictures)

Of painting and updates...

Similar to the Gaming, much of my hobby time this week has been taken up editing the photos I've taken and preparing them for inclusion on the site. Combine that with two good weekends spent with my Girlfriend and a couple of good nights out with my mates and painting time has been.. no wait... I'm not sure how I've managed this....
I've now finished my First 8 Auxillery Archers for my 28mm Romans and my first 24 Auxillary spearmen too (much thanks to LBMS transfers and great service from Maelstrom games on the latter). I've also prepped the next regiment, and am 1/3 of the way through my second 8 Auxillary archers. Oh, and I've painted half a regiment of Skeletons from mantic games too. Its been a GREAT fortnight - if only this could happen all the time!

So, updates:
As promised - The handgunners are online in the WHFB Empire 2 gallery (4 pictures)
The First Unit of Auxillary Archers made it in fron of the camera and into the 28mm Roman Gallery (2 pictures)
I've finally photographed my meager and random Pax Arcadian Units for the Seeds of War section (32 pictures)

And, last but not least, beacuse I made you all wait two weeks for an update, I've uploaded one of my own favourite galleries from my old commissions. The Witchhunters gallery was a group of commissions painted over a long period for a repeat customer of mine - the same guy who I did all the Dark Angels for. There's some of my favourite work in there, so please check it out and I hope you enjoy it! (71 pictures)

New Galleries - 3
New Pictures - 129 (!! dont expect me to keep that up ;) )

*** Stop Press *** ***Stop Press *** ***Stop Press *** ***Stop Press *** ***Stop Press ***

I just realised that after this update, I will be achingly close to passing 2500 images on this site, so sod it, have another gallery for free, and since its me, it might as well be an Epic one!

Introducing the Legio Ignatum. My Current Titan Legion. Spawned after Painting the Studio Warhound model for the Epic: Armageddon Book, its a bit of a slow - grower, but it will expand one day... (20 pictures)

New Totals:
Galleries - 4
New Pictures - 149 (Really, dont expect that again for a LONG time!)

Total Picturs now on Site - 2504! Thank you for watching it grow! :)

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