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Sunday, 16 October 2011

A tale of old and new

Of Gaming...
Monday night was another good one at the Guildford Games Club. Having watched a number of encounters, and bought my own squad, I finally played my first two games of Infinity Last Monday.

I do like the rules set. The way you have to think ahead to cover all angles and possibilities (such as enemy Paras ona first "intro" game! Grrr... ) really appeals to me. I really think it could be fun with two teams of Ariadna with basic rifles duking it out, but for the while I'll enjoy my plethora of special weapons none the less!!

First game I lost, to aforementioned Para. Though I would like it noted that that only occurred after my opponent stated where he was dropping, and wanting to learn the intricacies a little better, I asked "So Why didn't you choose to drop him here and do this?". To which my opponent replied "...ohh.. that's not a bad idea..." and proceeded to kill 4 ofmy team in a single turn.

Second game I was more ready for it and new more what my troops were capable of. I set up a good defensive position and waited for the right moment. When the time was right, and the passage of travel clear, my Rocket launcher exposed her position and took down the enemy medic. Now the game was on - my Ant-Tank trooper dashed from cover, got a good shot off on the enemy ORC suit with his Adhesive launcher and followed it up with a Demo charge to knock him out. His final action moved him back around a large pile of pipes, to a rather exposed position, but one which was well covered by fire from the rest of my squad. The enemy were walking into a hailstorm if they went for retribution.
The following turn the AT trooper worked back around the pipes and took out the enemy medic, and had a good try on the enemy lieutenant too. unfortunately his luck had run out, and he was subsequently taken out by the nefarious enemy para, who this time had to drop behind his own lines to shore them up. That didn't last long however as he in turn left himself open to a shot from my Kazak Veteran, and the game was called as he hit the floor.

Thanks James - Great Games!

Of Painting...

This week I've finished off another unit which has been on the workbench for an obsene amount of time. Literally years! So, FINALLY, 10 sad little classic empire handgunners are dust-free, fully painted and in the cabinet - photos next week!

In the mean time I have two galleries of the very old, and one of the very new for you in this update!

For starters, we have "Epic, The Early days" - a gallery of some of my earliest forrays into converting epic miniatures and some not-so-hot paintjobs to keep you entertained. (22 pictures)

Secondly, we go up to 10mm scale, with the eventual arrival of the inevitable Warmaster Miscellaneous Gallery. Most of these figures were painted as random painting fun when the models were new, but there's a fair variety in there from many different races! (29 pictures)

And last but not least, we jump further up the scale chart and to something brand new. It may only be a tiny one, but I open the 28mm Roman Gallery with my first completed regiment - Warlord Games Slingers. Soon to be followed by many more I hope :) (3 pictures)

As ever - thanks for looking!

New Galleries - 3
New images - 54

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