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Saturday, 1 October 2011

And then it went quiet....

No sooner had I passed 100 galleries, than my BlogFeed decided to go Belly up and I could no longer post (readable) updates on my News Blog!

Big Thanks to Rich Mayhew who's fixed it all for me - Beers are on the way!

In the mean time, what have I been doing?

Pledge Updates:

Selling stuff! I've certainly kept up that end of the pledge, having sold a couple of thousand (!) Pounds worth of painted toy soldiers int he past couple of months. All my Warmachine, Hordes, 3 15mm armies, half my 6mm soviets and loads more besides have now made their way all over the world - I hope they're enjoyed in their new homes!

The good side to this is that My funds are looking slightly more healthy. The slightly bad side is that most of the time I've had for hobby has been spent wrapping models up and my painting's not been too fast.

Buying Stuff! I've been talked into (didn't take much) taking up Infinity. I needed to start a game which is played by more people at my club, as I tend to skirt around the edges playing 6mm games now & then, but nothingn regular. Infinity is now that game and I've bought an Ariadna force, for about £60 spend so far - first painted miniature is now up!

Damn, I already mentioned that my first Ariadna miniature is done... that's gone and taken the wind out my own sails. Oh well - find him in the brand new Ariadna section here of 28mm sci-fi mics! (4 pictures)

The EA Necron Gallery has gone Live once more. It was one of the first to be put on the new site, but was taken down again after many delays from obtaining the miniatures to ailing funds. However, the commission is finally complete & the gallery online! (37 Pictures)

I've also painted 16 28mm Roman Auxillery Slingers, but I'm yet to get them in front of the camera - another update soon! :oS

Gallery count: 2
Picture count: 41
The Pledge:
Models Bought: 37
Models Painted: 51
Months into the Pledge: 5

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