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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Well, that slipped by quietly....

I made it beyond 100 galleries.... that's one HUNDRED galleries of images!!!

And apparently I didn't shout about it enough.

So here it is - WOOHOO! YIPPEE! YEAH!.

Ahem. Joking aside, it is quite a milestone for the HobbyBrush, and I had been holding back a couple of my favourite galleries from years gone by to mark the occasion, but time did not allow with the last update.

TO make things right once more, may I present to you....

Painting Death Korps of Kreig - Epic (6mm) painting article.
Warmaster Brettonnians 2 - one of my "Signature" commissions from my time as the mercenary Brush, a super-detailed Bretonnian army in 10mm scale for Warmaster. (41 pictures)
The Epic Misc Gallery - Maybe not one defined theme, but a lot of the models which got my name out there in the 6mm world are in this gallery, from titans to Inquisitors :) (52 Pictures)
And a smaller, less iconic gallery to round us out with some 28mm stuff - my third Old west gallery ( 10 pictures)

Finally, a Quick reminder that I have loads of stuff listed on Ebay right now, ending in the next day or so - check out all my items here

Thanks for looking!

Gallery count: 3
Picture count: 103 (Plus an articles!)

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