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Saturday, 8 October 2011

A 6mm special...

Of Gaming:
Had a great game of BKC last week. We played a mid-war Breakout with my soviets battling to escape from the surrounding Germans of Matt Arnold. Neither of us Have played in ages & it was like starting from scratch, but a re-match is booked for 10days time with the same forces, so hopefully a better grip will be achieved on the rules and a fuller game completed for once! Matt suffered terribly from a lack of command roles and a large portion of his forces failing to make it to the tray until well into the game. I suffered from my own command decisions - trying to use my own armour to see off the germ Stugs, when I should have up-tailed and run away from them to escape the board. Lessons learned - may the re-match see the real winners!

Of painting & Updates:
The Slingers I mentioned last week will be photographed sometime this weekend, but not in time for this update I'm afraid. So, tts more of the old-skool today, as I continue to update my photo collection and add some more of the older models to the galleries.

With regards painting this week, nothing yet, but give me a chance - the weekend lies ahead of this update!

First up we have my original Epic Tau units and display base from 200... 2000 and ... umm - a way back! It was before the epic Tau's general release by Forgeworld, at any rate! More were later painted to match on commission, but these were the originals :) (23 Pictures)
Secondly, we move up the scales to 28mm, and classic Necromunda figures - my Orlock Gang has been added to the 40K section. Usual story with these I'm afraid - painted, rarely used, and eventually sold, but much enjoyed none-the-less! (20 pictures)

And finally, a small but perfectly formed gallery featuring some 6mm Franco-Prussian War miniatures I painted up for Baccus Figures has been added to the recently re-named Horse & Musket section (was the napolionics section...) . Superb 6mm sculpts, even if you're not a fan of the era - maybe worth taking a look! (8 pictures)

New Galleries Added: 3
New Pictures Added: 51

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