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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Taking the Pledge....

Thats it! This is MAD! I'm taking the Pledge!

Well, I'm taking a variety of "the pledge".

Confused? Let me explain....

The pledge is a commitment to paint more models every month than I buy.

I, like most gamer / collectors have always had a huge lead mountain. However, over the last 6 months I have come into a staggering amount of models on the cheap. Friends closing down trade stands, clearing out old stock and just generally being in the right place at the right time. Deals I could never turn down, but its become simply ridiculous. My flat now resembles the back room of a well stocked hobbyshop.

Thus, my Pledge is a modified one.

I hereby Pledge, that month on month, I will Paint more miniatures than I buy. Furthermore, I pledge that henceforth I will only purchase with funds made from the selling of figures(painted or not).

That way, I should not only start to finish some of the myriad of projects I've currently got partially done, but also be inclined to not just expand my cabinets every month, but actually get on with selling some stuff too, making my hobby self-sufficient once again!

Looking at my workshop, I have a lot of figures nearing completion that have been around for a while, so that should give me a head start, but lets see how long I can keep it up!

Oh, and I suppose I'd better start with a new model hadn't I...
The Twighlight Gallery is Open with my first Fubarni knight. More to come very soon! (4 pictures)

Gallery count: 1
Picture count: 4
Models Bought: update at end of month
Models Painted: update at end of month
Months into the Pledge: 0

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