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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A tooth for a tooth, and an eye....for a giant... ??

Its a couple of weeks unit I'm meant to have a host of giants painted up for a local event.

"Host" currently stands at two!

I have 3 little Ral partha giants, a grenadeir goblin war giant and none other than the truly massive Otherworld Miniatures Giant all put together &/or in early stages of painting.

I also have another Metal warhammer O&G giant which I've almost finished the putty work on as I'm converting it to be swinging a gobline fanatic by the leg.

So a tight deadline, but a lot on the way.

wearing goggles is a must!

I was drilling the beast that is the otherworld giant and it went together really nicely. Goggles on, careful planning, no worries. It is one of the best fitting kits I've worked on (though the sheer weight of it does mean steel pins are an absolute must!)

Shaving your head, optional
I finished the job, took my goggles off, sat back and looked at it. I ran my hand through my hair as I did so.

That was my error. Some of the pewter burrs from the drilling had been waiting to strike from the safety of my hair.

Long story short, I now have a minor operation to have tomorrow, to remove some entrenched metal flakes from my eye, and possibly stitch a flap of eyeball back into place.

Dont expect much new painting from me for a while, not small scale stuff anyway, so at least I have the giants to work on!

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