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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Less than itended....

Of the promised articles....(a post from the past)

I have to admit to having been previously distracted by some new clay I bought the other day, so my list of documents is not what I had previously boasted at any rate, but soon up will definitely be:
Guildford Games Club's Seeds of War Variant Rules - complete edited version of the core rules!
New SoW rules for different artillery munitions (namely smoke, bunker busters, incendiary and area suppression)
New SoW rules for support units (medics, NCOs, COmms officers, repair units)
Suburban Carnage 2.0 for SoW

And the others from the list below are all still in the works.... I just dont apparently type as fast as I thought I did!

At this point I must describe my situation - I'm sitting in a hotel bar, where I have been quietly tapping away writing and updating a couple of seeds of war articles for the past couple of hours, with the intention of putting them online tonight.

However, with the sudden swarming of 400 odd college students out of the main function room and into the bar where I am seated, I fear my night of quiet geekery might have just been cut short! I suddenly feel very old and out of place...

The documents I can continue to write from the comfort of my hotel room, but unfortnately the only net access available here is in this bar, so they wont be making it online just yet!

Of the Here an now...

I'm afraid that was over a week ago & I never did make it online to make the intended updates! Those will be going online tonight or tomorrow - watch this space.

What I have done, however, is to activate a couple more galleries to show willing. So, to bring the worst of the 2011 drought to an end, may I present a few pages of pretty things....

15mm FLames of War Soviet Massed Army Gallery (14 pictures)
Studio Mordheim Angry Mob Gallery (21 pictures)
15mm Fantasy Misc Gallery (6 pictures)

New Gallery Count: 3
New Picture Count: 41
New Article Count: 0 - FAIL!

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