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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Its.... March... ????

Things have been a bit hectic lately, to say the least!

I have done a little painting, but not the loads I normally put together in a gap of 3 months from posting and certainly not the hordes I had planned!

I am currently taking a week out from the world as a whole. I am hidden away somewhere in the UK with little other than a laptop and a couple of books for company. I'll not be online much, but part of my plan is to catch up on some of the heaps of articles and rules documents that I've been intending to put togehter and / or polish up for some time.

The one disadvantage is that the laptop I've very kindly been lent is slightly out-of-date and I cant do spomeof the formatting I usually do for Seeds of War articles, so they may not be pretty, but currently being worked on (all of which have needed properly writing up for at least 6 months, some 2+ years!):

Guildford Games Club's FAQ & Erratta for SoW
SubUrban Carnage 2.0
A selection of new SoW scenarios
Electronic warfare for all 3 core races
Repair units, Medics, NCOs and COmms officers for the Pax
Variant artillery ammunition rules
Mega Walker FOrce Organisation for the Andrayada
Special Ops / Recon Force Org for the Pax
Weapons reference list for all 3 core races in SoW.

If I've promised anyone any articles (be they seeds of War or otherwise) in recent months (hell, years.... whenever!) please drop me a line at the normal email address - this is your best chance to get me when I might actually be able to do something about it :)

Happy gaming!

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