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Sunday, 27 March 2011

A Workshop Tour

I'm drowning in prjects. I always have a lot on, but its getting crazy. So, rather than start on any of them right away, I thoguht I'd stop to show you all!

Most of these pics were taken a couple of weeks ago, but little has changed since then and it give you a good idea what I'm talking about....

First up, the only ones to have progressed much - my 6mm soviets! This is the latest batch, part way through having all their barrells replaces with brass rod which wont bend so easily. About half of these have been painted since the pic was taken!

In a complete change of scale, style, and everything else, I recently bought a bulk load of Warmachine / Hordes from a mate who runs the Aldershot Games Shop and I'm painting it all for sale. Here we have the first batch partly done - Protectorate of menoth Flameguard and Jacks:

This pic shows a wide variety of projects on the go. There's 28mm Romans (part of another bulk purchase, painting for sale), some 15mm Romans just because I had them and thought "whilst painting big, might as well...", some 28mm pirates, the necrons you will see more of below, and the corner of the 2"x2" 6mm soviet Project Board too - phew!

Picture 4 is something of a rarity for me these days. Because I have a "proper" job these days, and real life issues keep cropping up, I rarely take on commissions but this one is for a local gamer I know quite well and has been ongoing for some time. Epic Necrons - gotta love the community spirit ;o)

On the back shelf you can just make out my own epic Space Wolves. They never get worked on any more, but are always there tempting me to sillyness...

These Guys have been lurking around since april last year. They're by hasslefree miniatures, for the Twighlight game and very nice they are too. I bought them at Salute 2010, after a VERY long time spent hanging around their gaming table and sales stand. I finally bought these with a promise of bringing painted ones back this year, so I'd best crack on with them!

The corner of the actual painting area is a testement to intent over action. The Wizard on the left has been in that state for 3 years or more. The 15mm civilians & scouts I bought on a whim a couple of years back & I've painted half of them but stalled completely when I left scouting myself. The pots on the right each have a single Space Marine era Epic model on. I intend to paint one of each of the originals to a very high standard as something of a homage to 6mm, but that's been the intention for 18months now...(spot the pattern here?). The Classic 40K ork is just that - never started painting him, he just looks cool. Oh, but the Griffon is new! I'm waiting until a couple more fall into my possession so I can batch paint & sell them :)

And Finally for the workshop's painting areas, the other corner of the actual painting section. The Ogre's / giants are relative newcomers - they've only been there for 4 months or so. The handgunners, 40K marine scout and wizards have been there longer than I care to remember. But the really shameful one is the Large sculpt. It's a large scale Kraytonian bust I started WAY back in 2006 I think with the intention of having it done for that year's salute. However, plans for the big day took over and my first attempt at large scale sculpting ceased. I never really went back to it. It remains as a reminder & I've recently bought some new clay... oh dear... :D

Oh, and then there's the stockpiles.... I'll add just one picture of my current DRM stockpile - another case of buy on bulk to paint & sell... I just can't help myself!

So yes, far too much to ever complete. In my defence, the largest stockpiles were bought when it looked like I was going to be out of work for 3 months having operations on my knees. But then that hasn't happened (yet) and I've had a hell of a lot of other stuff going on, so things have built up to an all time crazy....

... time to stop writing and start paitning I guess! :)

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