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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Random paint - got colour in (on...) my bones....

More random paint slinging, and more poor ipad photos to prove it this week! I've been doing more work on the DA bust shown previously, but hit a block on colours for fur and mettallics, so turned my attention back to smaller pieces and quick paint jobs to tick them off. 

All three are From the Reaper Bones kickstarter, and have no use destined for them - purely quick paints to feel like I'm making progress without getting bogged down in another proper project until I've finished the bust! 

This big guy was painted as I wanted to try out the life colour flesh tones set I picked up a while back but haven't used. They're not bad paints, but they do separate easily. This works fine if your doing a quick job, painting out the pot and a bit rough like on this guy, but they're not so great when thinning and / or mixing with other ranges, so not my new solution for display work. 

This was actually a mis cast. He was meant to come with a full length shotgun, but the barrel had bubbled. Thankfully, sawn off is a good loom too, so one snip and it was paint ready! Te base is an old resin one I've had in the stores for ages, and was actually the reason I chose him to paint - base came first! 


This guy got onto the workbench right off the back of the mordheim witch hunters I did a few weeks ago - I guess the style kind of fitted with the,. The model suffered from the bones material being slightly flexible in the guns and they took quite some persuading to get them to stay (nearly) straight. They're also not that shiny in reality - hopefully they'll come out more representative when I get these pieces in front of my proper camera! 

So he here you have it, three random, unrelated quick pieces, but all good fun to paint. 

Our fortnightly Anyaral:World of Twilight gaming night is starting back this week after an extended festive break, so hopefully I'll get re-inspired to paint up some more of those great figures for the painting challenge! I've also got a lot of them previously finished which need photographing for the hobbybrush proper..... So much hobby to do!

Until then..... 


  1. These look great! I love the skintone on the hulking brute.
    The way you paint clothing is very inspiring.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Wouter! Glad you enjoy them :)