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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Project Kursk : the objectives

Well, the big game may have come and gone, but there's still some things I didn't get to show you in the run up, and some details to be added to a lot of models before I declare them 100% 'done' so you can expect the title to continue to crop up! 

In this post, it's the objectives from the game. They were rushed out to be ready for the day, but served us well - nothing like the site of some hardy soviets cooking up a brew whilst 100 tanks fight around them ( indeed, fight for the rightm to control the very field kitchen they're brewing on! ) .

Ok, so they might not make 'sense' as objectives in all instances, but they're a good excuse to put together and indeed use some more characterful pieces. 

Baggage cart, field kitchen and baggage from baker company's winter war kickstarter:

Tank crews from the same winter war kickstarter: 

And, finally, a selection of casualty bases using black tree designs' soviet casualty figures:

More soon, and variety will start once again as the festive season sees me without a specific project, so time to catch up on things, start new things I'll never finish, and enjoy painting some random bits! 

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