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Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Iron Fist Challenge - Results.

Of the Iron Fist 2012... 

Last weekend I witnessed the closing stages of one of the most impressive feats of painting I've ever seen.

A group of Hobbyists got together at The Games Shop (link Pending) in aldershot to spend 48 hours STRAIGHT each attempting to paint a full 1750point warhammer 40K army.

I was pleased to be there for the final few hours, to get the chance to photograph some of the entrants and also to help Rhys (the Shop owner, and himself a Gallery holder on the HobbyBrush!) Judge the finished entries.

I was so impressed by the results I had pondered spreading out the galleries into multiple updates and multiple galleries, but I have instead squashed them all into one location.

This gives me the perfect excuse to visit aldershot again soon with my camera and expand upon the event gallery into individual Guest Galleries at a later date. For the moment, I present the Iron Fist Event Gallery (87 Pictures)

First Place went to a superb Iron Warriors Force from Andy Brown
Second Went to another Chaos Marin Army, from the brush of James Taylor
Third Place went to Lex Head for his Themed Demon Hunters army
Special Mentions go to James French, Brian Best, Kris Marland and Stephen Barney for completing their entire quota of Forces.
Extra Special Mentions go to James French and Stephen Barney for not sleeping at all in the process...... Words fail me other than well done!!

Of My own Painting...

Whilst I was at the event, I did a little paiting of my own. I painted a Belt Buckle. On a Model. Oh, and half a piece of shoulder armour! There were just too many other painters to talk to and models to look at!!

At home however I have been slightly more productive, finishing of a number of projects lately and now the editing of the Iron Fist Photos is taken care of, I'll start proving my own work once again!

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