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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

In the pipeline....

Its been a long time since I updated much at all here, and I've talked about the many projects I'm working on without much proof.

As we all kow "It didn't happen if there's not pictures", so here's a little "proof" that I have indeed been busy lately...

First up my Firestorm Invasion army. I only just Blogged the gallery for these guys earlier today, but as you can see its grown considerably since those photos were taken, and even the bases on the old models have been added to so it is in fact completely out of date already!

Then there's the last of the Kraytonian army which were painted a couple of months ago, and are actually almost ready for a proper gallery at last! The pic below is just the latest reinforcemets to the far larger complete force... 

Beyond that, I have finally had the excuse to work on a 28mm Soviet army of my own. I've wanted to since I did a commission force and had a few models kept in storage from those days. Of course, when I say a few... 

And then there's my flames of war forces. But whilst I've done a fair bit of work on them, there's few which I'd call complete just yet. They're ext up for final touches after just a few more soviets!  Then of course there's the "Tank Park" which is my current "To Do" board....

A fair selection of vehicles from different nationalities and eras on there. Mostly Forged in battle bought cheap from various sources - very nice models and I'll be painting as many as I can for ebay, so plenty of varied updates to come!

Well, that at least proves that I'm not idle even if it does fall short of a proper gallery update. More soon!


  1. Great looking Shikra Gunships! Love to get a close up on them!

    1. Thanks! glad you like them :)
      Closeups are available in either my personal army's gallery:
      or in the "Studio" Gallery:
      they're different models, with only slight alterations to the scheme.