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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Return to usual stylings...

Its a return to usual stylings for me now, and hopefully if I can stay active, the 3 sections will all be regulars once again.

Of Gaming...

Finally put my dice back to good use last week, and had a great game of Blitzkreig Commander aganst Matt Arnold (aka "Rug"). We play so infrequently that every game is a learning experience, but its always good fun. (THat's a World of Twilight Fubarnii Jenta in the pic by the way - didn't get any pics of the game - he's on the workbench at the moment! )

A small game (1000 points), I started being plagued with bad command rolls. In the first 3 turns, I achieved just two successfull rolls between my Co AND HQ combined, and failed to make it to the positions I had hoped for by the time the German Iron tide washed upon my soviet shores.

However, I was saved by a couple of unlucky assaults in turn 3 on the part of my opponent and my infantry held out well. Turn 4 saw my tanks (6 T70's and an early T34)rumble into action at last, taking on the enemy assault guns in a forest to forest fire fight. T70's proved to be a fair old weapon at the given range and the enemy were wiped out in a couple of rounds of firing for the loss of a single tank to enemy reactive fire.

My infantry were feeling the brunt of the enemy force, being assailed by armoured mechanised infantry and the bulk of the enemy armour in the form of panzer II's and III's. As they started to pull back, they were saved by the soviet armour making their way back through the wood to front up to the enemy once again. Firing from the woods, against enemy armour clearly visible on the open face of a hill, they had the advantage. As the infantry faught a fighting withdrawl, the tanks took their toll on the enemy armour, pushing the Germans past their fragile break point.

In the end I won by numbers. I only had two formations which hindered me when bad command rolls struck, but when they came off, the sheer weight of fire and high break point meant even the fancy manouvres of the Germans didn't stand a chance.

Of Painting...
I've been on the Brushes every spare moment I can this week. Salute is presenting a good, rare, chance to play World of Twilight and it has spurred me to paint up the majority of my remaining collection.

I've got 6 hunters, an Engineer, 2 civilian youngsters, Commander Brenner, Captain Danomar and 2 knights of Relan on the workbench all at various stages. Fingers crossed, they'll all be ready for action on the 21st!

Of updates...
But, of course, the bit you really care about is the galleries and I've opened another classic today. My Epic "Agri-Guard" Imperial Guard forces became some of the first models I posted online which earned my painting a recognizable status. I collected three massive Imperial Guard armies at the time. I have sold most, but a valuable few will always remain in my collections. The pictures in this gallery vary from the antique to the relatively recent - please forgive the mass of varying quality!

New Pics: 60
New Galleries: 1

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