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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Twilight updates, Gaming and the pledge!

Of Gaming...
Not content with Rolling dice on 3 different tables at Salute, I also played a little game at the GGC on Monday. Alsmost a repeat of my Salute WoT game, my Fubarnii militia and Herders, led by Commander Brenar faced off against 3 Devanu Jenta and 6 Grishak.

Despite having my head screwed on a bit better this time, and using my Herder Captain to his full potential, my Slingers too their new "Suicide Slingers" title a bit too litterally. Whether they were slinging playdough or simply drunk I dont know, but they failed to inflict damage on the encroaching grishak turn after turn. This left me with the Devanu on my doorstep at full strength. Delicate combat manouvering ensued.... in other words the Grishak ate everything in sight. Brenar and his militia did some fancy footwork however, and took down a Jenta and a fair few Grishak, but his sterling service was not to be repeated and they eventually fell trapped within an unstoppable wall of Devanu flesh.

A good game, and more to come - thank you Alex!

Of Painting...
I Painted in every spare second before Salute, including a fair few World of Twilight figures for my own collections. 6 herders, Commander Brenar, two Fubarnii Jenta, 3 Knights of Relan, and an Engineer saw me almost catch up entirely on my Fubarnii before buying plenty more at Salute. The results can be seen throughout this post, as well as in the Galleries right now - see below!

Of Updates...
The World of Twilight Fubarnii Gallery has been updated with 19 pictures of the latest additions, all noted above!

New Galleries: 0
New Pictures: 19

The Pledge:
Its been a long time since I made an update on the Pledge, but I still stick by it. Here's the progress report all up to date:
Models Bought: 77 (+40 at salute. More than Doubled my Purchases! Curse that show... )
Models Painted: 241 (+4 for 54mm crossbowman, 6 herders, engineer, 2 jenta, 6 for knights of Relan, and commander Brenar for a total of just 20 in 3 months :( )
Months into the Pledge: 11 - 1 important month to go!

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