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Friday, 18 May 2012

Back to the workshop

Of Ebay.. Get the nasty bit out of the way first of all. I'm selling lots of stuff this week. Was meant to be a hell of a lot more, but time beat me! Mainly from my Forgeworld stores, there's Epic buildings, Epic Tau, Imperial and Ork vehicles, and most rarely of all, a huge Ork Bust which is long long OOP, gorgeous, but just too big for me to ever get around to painting myself! All my items can be found here:

Of Gaming: 
I haven't rolled many dice of late. Some great weekends away, an anniversary and general paint throwing duties have kept me from the GGC, and when I have been there I've been wielding a camera instead of a tape measure! Nothing to report...

Of Painting:
I'm off from work for a couple of weeks (only partially planned unfortunately....) and whilst house hunting and sorting my current place out is taking up a lot of my time, I'm at the brushes with a vengeance. My Workshop's been reorganised, projects sorted, commissions (those things I dont take any more...) lined up and its back to a paint throwing pace I've rarely matched since the Mercenary Brush Days! This week I've finished off 20 skelies (ebay soon), a company of Soviets for Flames of War (ebay soon) , 33 Kraytonian Vehicles and 3 Bombers for Seeds of War (ebay later), Kraytonian infantry and cavalry 50% done (ebay later), Some Exodus Wars Tarragin (6mm aliens, for me, they fell under the brushes...) and prepped a whole heap of World of Twilight Goodies.

Here's the workbench show tour as it stood on Thursday:
Kraytonians with 2 of 5 shades of grey / white added. In the background you can see the completed Skelies and the FoW Soviets. On the left some Hasslefree Grymn that have been waiting about 3 years for paint... 

Kraytonian Infantry, Cavalry and vehicle bases. The Bases take as much making time as the vehicles do to paint! In the background you can see other projects - last of my Romans, some Mantic Dwarves, 6mm soviets and a random Hordes model, because every painting desk needs a giant, Bipedal rhinoceros... 

The World of Twilight stash, lurking on the edge of my painting area waiting for a moment I can let myself go at them with a brush! In the foreground, sculpting projects abandoned years ago..

I'm sure there's more, but I've got to get back to the brushes & At any rate, its helping the Pledge somewhat - at a rough count that's added 88 to my painted count in a week - take that, Post-Salute-Guilt! :)

Of Updates and Galleries...
But of course, I always make you wade through waffle to get to the good bits, don't I?!
Its been a long while since an update and that normally means I try to make up for it with a slew of new galleries. This time however, just one gallery should please you all. Nick's (Elsmore's ) Epic Eldar Exodites are simply awesome. Every unit has had such attention to them.... just go and look..

New Galleries: 1
New Pictures: 54

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