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Friday, 25 May 2012

Its new, yet old...

Of, well, whoops... 
I was just looking at my own Blog to check out my Pledge update and realised there was a post missing! I'd somehow saved it rather than published it, D'oh!

Its now in its rightful place below - check it out 3 posts below for Pledge, World of Twilight Fubarnii, and a (belated) Gaming update...

Of Painting...
Since I'm here, I'll throw in some pictures of the Workbench. Painting has been delayed by "big Shopping" as Kim Puts it. That is to say that after months of searching and false starts, I've finally purchased my first house this week. In between searches, viewings, offers, solicitors and estate agents I've been waiving brushes as fast as I can and pulling some pretty long days at it too - I'm just not as fast as I used to be - Cursed Eyes that wont focus for more than 5 minutes!! Grrr....

Ahem, anyway, Pictures... 

Two regiments that are taking WAY too long. The Roman Auxillaries are now complete, but still need shields. The Mantic Dwarves are also complete, but have no Banner and I dont think I'll give them one - too much of a time sink for ebay. 

Kraytonians!! All the basing is now finished on the models shown half done here, but I'm yet to tackle the Kameli or Veteran units awaiting paint, and havent even decided how I want to do the Dino Riders yet! 

So all in, a relatively slow week. Quite disappointing on the painting front, but Sod it, I've bought a house!

More soon!

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