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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Back to the core of the fubarnii empire....

The core of the fubarnii empire gets reinforcements.... 

Please excuse the weird looking rds - ipad photos rather than my usual hobbybrush rig - it doesn't like reds :( 

Militia captain. 

Slingers and Ryhad 

Mounted slingers / light cavalry and mounted herder Ryhad. Some of my favourites to date. 


  1. The mounted herders look great!
    I wonder why didn't you continue to use red for all of them though?

  2. Thanks Wouter!
    On both the foot and mounted herders, it's only those with a cloak / coif which carry the red. The other mounted models have their hoods integral to the main part of their clothing, and it would be overly powerful to do the whole thing red. Whether it's the mark of a reservist, veteran or simply one who lives within the town borders rather than in the wilds, I don't know ( haven't decided) but it's enough on the table to tie them unit to the rest of the main militia while keeping them distinctly more rural looking individually. :)