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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Project Kursk - the preview

A couple of weeks ago, we ran a "little" test game at our local club to try out some ideas of how to handle a game with so many vehicles involved. It went really well, and master of ceremonies, mr Eddie "the Fez" Turner set out some of the WIP forces for a couple of promo shots. I knocked a couple myself for use on the blog, but forgot to post them at the time! 

That's 20 panthers eddie's putting together to form the core of the axis forces. It's a pretty scary sight! Thankfully what's seen here is just a fraction of the soviet / allied forces, but even so! 

Here's the hobbybrush workbench as of a week or so ago. 
Listings change, as I may have to sell a few before the event, but there's more in the post as well to compensate! 

20  x t34/85 (inc 3 OT variants)
3  x T34/76
1 x IS2
1 x captured panther
2 x KV 1
2 x KV2
1 x KV8
1 x SU76
1 x SU85
1 x SU100
1 x SU122
2 x SU122/152
2 x captured hanomags, which will be towing 57mm AT guns
5 x universal carriers
3 x T26a
6 x T26b
3 x Kht26
1 x T70
3 x BA10m
1 x BA64
And a few jeeps, trucks and associated unarmed vehicles 

US allies:
10 x Sherman
3 x M3 half tracks, filled with as many bazooka teams as I can compile (anyone got spare zooks to trade?!?)

They're unlikely to get painted in time.... Ad frankly who cares? ;op 

So there's a bit to do...... Then there's infantry to match it.... But not specifically for this game thank god! 

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