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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Project Kursk: the Hollywood flank

Anyone else confused yet? 
It's a tank project. Until now within these updates I've painted infantry and artillery support units. 
It's titled Kursk. And the first armoured brigade I'm working on since I started blogging my progress is Americans. 
Conclusion : it's a hobby. I like painting. I also like history. But I do it all for fun and don't take any of it too seriously, so I simply hope you enjoy the pics :)

10 28mm shermans from warlord games, and 3 half tracks. Should the soviets need help, the "Hollywood flank" will be unleashed! 

 These are all sill a wip - weathering and chipping all need to be added, but the insignia and markings were added using pre production stencils / masks from Anarchy models new kickstarter and this is the best moment to photograph for seeing those. 

All the allied stars, USA markings, and soviet stars on another 6 vehicles were added in just 40 minutes. It's was my first try with the new stencils so there was a little learning time in that too, but they certainly live up to the HS ( High Speed) name. You can see through them when they are against the model so positioning is easy, and the paint wipes straight off cleanly meaning you never have any build up issues and they should last forever! 

There are limitations, mainly caused by the size of the protective surroundings on the stencils which prevent you from getting markings into some tighter spots between details. You do also get a very slight fuzzy edge around the markings wherever the stencil is held away from the surface of the piece by moulded detail. 

If it was a display piece, these things may be slight problems, but I guess that's where the original range of "HD" stencils come into play. I've been using those since Brians (Anarchy models) previous kickstarter to great effect on my many soviets and you realy can get those into place on and over any amount of fine details. 

These are a fast process, and ideal for mass or fast painting, with very good end results. They bend and form over curved surfaces and offer good procptection to the rest of the model in the process. For more awkward ares or smaller models, the "HD" line will continue to be my go-to, but certainly in conjunction with this new range. 

Check out the kickstarter for some good offers on the new range, but Harry, it's in it's last few days! 

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