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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Some old, some new

As I start working on the Galleries once more, I'm finding odd pictures that I was SURE I'd uploaded ages ago.... but clearly hadn't!

I guess that makes this Housekeeping as well as extension work for the new year. Prepare for randomness...

First and Foremost, the Invite to Terminate Gallery is UP at last! Thank you to everyone who took part, and whilst they have been posted all over forums and Facebook, my Apologies it took so long to get them up here. Its 9 months on, but There are still Many more floating around with various painters out there so I'm hoping there will be more updates in the future. (64 pictures)

Apparently, despite having been painted in early 2012, and sold then too, I never finished the 28mm Roman Gallery. 4 new pictures including the Final Auxillary unit you never saw before can be found HERE (4 pictures).

Someone asked me for pictures of my Epic Mortar Teams. I have no idea who or when, but they're in the City Guard Gallery Now! (3 pictures)

Matt's Soviet BKC force is small but perfectly formed, and has been waiting to go online for a year now so its about time this Guest Gallery got an airing! (9 pictures)

New Galleries: 2
New Pictures: 80

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