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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Starting with Good Intentions.....

2013 was a quiet year, online at least, for the HobbyBrush. Not so behind the scenes but that doesn't count much to you lot, so who cares....

Well, with loads of painting done (I'll do the numbers in a later blog!) in the year, I have plenty to update and I'm determined to find the time to do it.

Starting with good intentions, I'm going to go back to my old faithful New Years tradition of the Tour of the Cabinets. Sit back and prepare yourself for a whole load of painted models you've seen before, and a fair few new ones too. Also get ready to get very bored of the word "Soviet"....

The Workshop Cabinet:
There's been a change of House since the last time I did this, and a large display cabinet has re-appeared from storage to go up in the Workshop. So, from bottom to top....

Bottom right holds the WIPs I want to keep dust free ad bits waiting for sale - at the moment its a rather special Epic Dark Angel Commission, some 28mm soviet prone infantry and some 15mm soviet units for sale. Left of the picture is some 6mm Eastern front scenery and my ever-present Pit Fighters!

On the Right is my 6mm Soviet collection. Half the size it once was, its set to shrink again as its rarely used.

One shelf up and two scale shifts - 28mm Soviets now. Black Tree Designs miniatures, used with Bolt Action Rules. Big Gaps are where I took the armour out for closeups and forgot to put them back!

 Taking the opportunity - Here's what should be filling the gaps. My Soviet armour collection from Warlord Games. Did my first airbrushed 28mm vehicle earlier in the year and now I'm hooked :)

To the right of that shelf, More Soviets from Black Tree Designs. AT gun is from Plastic Soldier Company.

Next up - 3 shelves of Kraytonians to feed my 6mm sci fi obsession. Haven't played in a year but oneday soon I hope...

Heading up from that you reach a zone which, in honesty, is well out of my own line of sight. As such, its old and random models decaying and rotting up here, but sometimes its these oddities which people most like seeing on these tour posts so here we go....
15mm centaurs, 6mm sci-fi conversions and a few "display" (very arguable) pieces from my earliest days painting pre-teens.

And the left hand side of these two shelves. 15mm humans, and the start of the classic toy collection. There's another shelf of it above, mostly given to me from my Grandads collection but they're not miniatures as we know them so we'll stop there.

Suddenly its very late in the evening, so the cabinets downstairs will be added to the blog tomorrow, and then to really bore you maybe we'll try a workshop tour??

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